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Study Abroad

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures considers studying abroad a very important part of any education in a foreign language and its culture. It makes every effort to encourage and facilitate students' participation in both short and long programs, and sponsors several programs itself, including study in Potsdam (Germany) and Salamanca (Spain).The International Education Office collaborates with the Department in making studying abroad easy and productive.

Students should consult with faculty in the early stages of planning their study abroad program, and they should have worked out which courses will transfer to UMD for credit toward the major or minor.

To read about previous student experiences, please click HERE.

Potsdam, Germany

Kristen Hylenski leads a group of students on a study abroad program in Potsdam, Germany, in May or January, depending on the year. The trip lasts three weeks and students receive 4-6 credits toward their major or minor program. See Kristen Hylenski ( for details.

Salamanca, Spain

Professor Maureen Tobin Stanley and Professor Milagros Gómez alternate leading groups for a month-long study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain. Students will receive 6 credits toward their major or minor program. See Professor Tobin Stanley ( or Milagros Gómez ( for details.

Financing a Study Abroad Program

Many students think studying abroad is too expensive to work for them. In reality, some students are able to apply their financial aid to a semester or year abroad, or to one of the Department's short-term abroad programs in Germany and Spain. Check with someone in the International Education Office to see if this can work for you!

Scholarships to study abroad are also made available to students. Please see the International Education Office for general scholarships or check our Department Scholarship page to access information about several scholarships which are specific to majors and minors in our department.