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French Studies Program

This French Studies Program prepares students to thrive as globally competent citizens through an in-depth encounter with French and Francophone cultures and literatures. Majors develop language proficiency and communication skills as they study literatures, films, and cultures of the French-speaking world. The field of French Studies can be applied in a wide variety of career choices. See any of the French Studies faculty for more details on this exciting new major!

Our goal is for students to comprehend (via listening and reading), to speak and to write the target language in an advanced U.S. academic setting, so that they can meet the learning objectives and become critical thinkers and informed citizens of the world.

Students wishing to seek teaching licensure in French for a K-12 setting are encouraged to finish the B.A. degree in French Studies and then pursue licensure in a graduate program. The Department will work with students to suggest likely programs

An Oral Proficiency Exam in French, with notation on transcript, is required for the French Studies major and all teaching majors and is available to all minors. Usually it is recommended that students take this exam at the end of Fr 2301, or immediately following study abroad. Students should consult with Professor Kovacovic to have this exam scheduled.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements (major and minor)

Enrolling in the Right Course

This table provides you with suggested courses based on your language background. If you have any additional questions concerning what course you should take, please contact a French Studies instructor for more information.

Take this...
if you've...

Beginning French I

(Fr 1101, Fall Semester only)

never before studied French, or taken one year of a French language course in high school.

Beginning French II

(Fr 1102, Spring Semester only)

taken two years of recent high school French language courses.

Intermediate French I

(Fr 1201, Fall Semester only)

taken three years of high school French language courses.

Intermediate French II

(Fr 1202, Spring Semester only)

taken 4 years of high school French language courses

Advanced French

(Fr 2301, Fall Semester only)

taken 4-5 years of high school French language courses.

Please note that Advanced Composition and Conversation (Fr 3302) may be taken at any point beyond Fr 2301. If you have doubts about your placement, please contact one of the French Studies faculty.

Native speakers of French should also consult with one of the French Studies faculty about proper placement.

Credit by Exam

Students who begin their work in Fr 1202 or Fr 2301 and who earn an A or a B will receive credit for the courses they have skipped,

BEGINNING WITH Fr 1201. To receive this credit, students will need to pay to Administration a credit-by-exam fee ($50/credit, as of Fall 2007) and fill out the appropriate forms. Please ask your French Studies instructor how to do this.

Opportunities for French Studies Students

Study/Work Abroad

Students may wish -- and are encouraged -- to study abroad during the summer, during an academic semester, or for an entire year.

Students may enroll in study abroad courses (for zero tuition) while they are away. This allows students to maintain their UMD enrollment and to use their financial aid.

Please check files with Professor Milan Kovacovic to learn about specific programs, and for additional information, visit the International Education website.

After completing the Intermediate French sequence (Fr 1201-1202), students are eligible to apply for paid English Teaching Assistantships in the French school system.


Scholarships are available to students through competition, for study abroad. For more information, please visit the Scholarship page.

French Club

Please see Milan Kovacovic for information about meetings.

Library Resources

If you're looking for books either written in French or that deal with topics in French culture or literature, please see our library link below.

Departmental Honors

Students who have achieved a grade point average of 3.30 in all French Studies concentration courses may be invited by faculty to submit a sample of their work, in order to be considered for departmental honors and to receive a degree with distinction. Please contact the department for further information.


Upper division students are encouraged to participate as tutors for the lower division courses. Speak with a member of our French Studies faculty for more information.


Participation in UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) is encouraged so that students can work jointly on research topics of mutual interest with a faculty member.

Career Opportunities

Our students who have minored or concentrated in French Studies enjoy a large variety of career options. Please see the Department for further information.

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