Midterm Grade Alerts

Midterm Grade Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

When must I provide a midterm grade alert?
Instructors are required to notify students in their 1xxx- and 2xxx-level courses when they (students) appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F or N based on their academic performance through the eighth week of the semester.
Why are we doing this?
If students are provided early warning that they are performing poorly in a class that they could have time to improve their class performance. Use of the midterm grade alert system might also assist UMD advisors and staff in efforts to help students remain in good standing and reach graduation.
Do I need to use the Midterm Grade Alert System (web-based) if I provide students written evaluation of their progress in my courses by the end of the sixth week of the semester?
No, you may use the Midterm Grade Alert system that has been in place for several years or use an alternative method to alert at risk students. However, if you choose the latter, you should log in to the Midterm Grade Alert System and check the box "I am using a different method to communicate alerts for the following section(s)"
What if I don't have any students performing at the D, F or N level in my course?
You should log in to the Midterm Grade Alert System and check the box "I have no alerts to send for the following section(s)"
When will the system be available for use?
The midterm grade alert system will be available from 5:30 am on the Monday of the 6th week of the semester through midnight of the Friday of the 8th week of the semester. This time frame will allow faculty who want to issue an alert time to do so.
The midterm grade alert system will be unavailable from 4:00am-5:30 am, Monday-Saturday and 4:00 am-12:30 pm, Sunday for system backup.
When do midterm grade alerts need to be submitted?
Midterm grade alerts should be based on work completed through the 5th to 8th week of the semester so that students who are in academic difficulty (those who appear to be in danger of receiving a D, F or N for the course) will have time to improve their performance.
Do I have to assign a specific grade?
No, a warning of "unsatisfactory progress" for a student in danger of receiving a grade of D, F or N meets the policy. Instructors may choose to provide additional information to students including any or all of the following: a specific grade for work to date, comments on attendance, or comments on any other aspects of course performance.
Instructors can also use the same system to inform other students of their progress to date.
Do I have to submit the alerts all at once?
No, you may submit any number of alerts at one time. However, you can only enter a midterm grade alert for a student once. You may not submit multiple alerts for the same student nor may you change an alert once it is finally submitted. The system will ask you to review alerts before final submission.
Will the midterm grade alerts system be operating for May session or summer term?
What help is available for students whose work is unsatisfactory?
For assistance in improving their performance, students may:
  • talk with their instructors or teaching assistants
  • talk with their advisors
  • visit the Tutoring Center in Solon Campus Center 40
  • visit the Supportive Services Program web site at <http://www.d.umn.edu/student/ssp/> for more information on special programs designed to assist them.
I teach a large 1xxx course with recitation and/or lab sections. Do I have to submit the midterm grade alerts or can my TAs?
If your TAs are listed as the instructor of record for their section, they will have access to the midterm grade alert system.

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