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UMD Course Guide Overview

Why Course Guide

The Course Guide is meant to provide more information than the Course Catalog. Elements of brief description, number of credits and grading basis; allow instructor specific information on how the class will be delivered which enables students to make more informed course choices each term.

The Course Guide also provides a valuable tool to advisors. Course Guide is available to advising staff in a central location, to assist students in managing their time within a term by considering all aspects of the class, the workload, how class time is spent, and exam format.

Student/Web Course Guide view is available at


Process to update Course Guide Information

  • Faculty access the Course Guide at or follow the path: UMD One Stop> Faculty and Staff> Teaching> Course Guide Instructions
  • List of Terms includes current term and terms already scheduled.
  • List of classes is presented to the instructors based on assignment as primary instructor.
  • The Course Guide is instructor specific, not section specific so if you are teaching more than one section of the same class, the Course Guide information will be used for all sections unless the other section has a different setup such as lecture and discussion for some of the sections but lecture only for other sections. (See Phys 2012 on page 3 of this document)
  • Existing Course Guide information is available the next term the class is taught by the same instructor. If there is no change to the information, it will appear on the Web Course Guide, the instructor does not need to update it each term.
  • There will be an archive of PDF documents for each term that can be used to retrieve Course Guide information from previous instructors for a class.

Select Term Page:

  • The Terms in the list are either in progress or enrollment for the term has started.
  • Select a term by clicking on the link for it.


Instructor Select a Class Page:

  • If you are assigned as the primary instructor in PeopleSoft, the class will appear in this list.
  • If the class is combined with another class, the word Combined appears in the Combined column.
  • If the class has an assigned Topics Title, it will appear in the Topics Title column.
  • Pending is used to indicate if the Course Guide information is still in Draft status.


Course Guide entry pages:

  • There are 4 pages for all classes and if the class is part of a Combined Section, there is a fifth page to manage all classes within the Combined Section.
  • You can save as a draft on each page or wait until all updates have been made to Save as Draft or Submit to Course Guide.
  • Navigation buttons along the left side of the page
    • Select Different Class returns to Select a Class page
    • Select Different Term returns to Select a Term page
    • Save as Draft allows saving changes without publishing on the web Course Guide
    • Submit to Course Guide saves the changes for display on the web Course Guide within 24 hours.

Description page:

  • Course Guide Description should contain the instructor's description of the class.
  • Catalog Description is pulled from the official Course Catalog and will –not- display on the Web Course Guide. It is meant to serve as a reminder of the official description.
  • Spell check icon available for instructor's Course Guide description and elsewhere in application.
  • Course URL - If the class has a website, enter the URL here. Perhaps all of the Course Guide information is already on the class website.
  • Last Update indicates the last time the Course Guide information was updated


Class Time/Workload page:

  • Students will see this information on the web with the same headings of 'Class Time',' Other Class Time Information', 'Workload' and 'Other Workload Information.'


Grading page:

  • Students will see this information on the web with the heading of Grade and Exam format.


Media Upload page:

  • Click on the link for each media type to see list of acceptable file formats.
  • Upload button opens a browse window to select media file.
  • Retrieve URLs button is used to display the file location of the attachment after it is successfully uploaded to Net Files.
  • Instructor Biography and Instructor Photo will carry forward to all classes for the same instructor.
  • Students will see this information on the Web as an icon, when the icon is selected the document, photograph or video is opened.
  • Multiple syllabi may be added by selecting the add button in the syllabus section. This is useful if an instructor teaches multiple sections of the same course and the syllabi are section specific.


Combined Section page:

  • This page only appears if the class is combined with another class.


Note: If nothing is listed on the combined sections page it means that a course is combined with another section of the same course. The business process at Duluth combines sections with the same Subject and Catalog Number, the Course Guide system already copies the information to all sections with the same instructor, same Subject and same Catalog number so there is no need to Copy on this page.

Instructor and staff support for the Course Guide is provided by:

Student Records Training Team
Academic Support Resources, Office of the Registrar
Twin Cities Campus

Phone: 612.625-2803

UM Reports Options:

Two Course Guide reports are available at:

Course Guide Usage Class Detail Report

Gives a count of all classes eligible for Course Guide information entry, a count of classes that have published Course Guide information and provides a Course Guide usage percentage by college/academic group for the selected campus.

Course Guide Usage Class Detail Report

Lists all classes eligible for Course Guide information entry for the selected department and indicates which classes have published Course Guide information and when it was last updated and provides a Course Guide usage percentage by subject.  You can drill through on an individual class to see the published Course Guide information.


Instructor and Staff support for UM Reports is available at:

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