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Collegiate Unit Technology Requirements

Laptops are required for all incoming UMD students. The following recommendations meet the basic requirements. Students in the School Fine Arts (SFA) and the Labovitz School of Business & Economics (LSBE) should refer to the links listed in the collegiate sections below for more detailed requirements.

Laptop specifications (minimum)


  • Windows 7 or 8.x | Mac OS 10.8 (or newer)
  • 1.6 GHz processor (multi-core Intel, AMD)
  • 120 GB or larger hard drive
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 802.11g or newer Wireless network
  • Web Camera
  • 4 GB USB Flash Drive (to transfer files)


  • VGA external display adapter (for classroom presentations)
  • 3-4 year Service/Maintenance plan
  • Accidental Damage Plan or Insurance Coverage (available for laptops purchased at the UMD Computer Corner)

Software Resources

Office and Productivity:

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available to registered University of Minnesota students free of charge.,f24e79633466e100fbf05a7f7293d30f

Additionally, the University provides Google Apps to all students, staff and faculty.


To protect your Windows operating system, Microsoft Security Essentials is free from Microsoft.

Collegiate Unit Requirements

School of Fine Arts
Office of Student Affairs, 218/726-7261
212 Humanities Building

Labovitz School of Business and Economics
Office of Student Affairs
111A LSBE Building

College of Education and Human Service Professions
120 Bohannon Hall

Swenson College of Science and Engineering
140 Engineering Building

College of Liberal Arts
310 Kirby Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many computer connections are on campus?
A. About 3250 in computer labs, the Library, and offices on campus; about 2800 in residence halls.

Q. What is the speed of the connections?
A. Most computer connections on campus are 1Gbps or 100 Mbps Ethernet connections. In the residence halls, most connections are 100Mbps with a few buildings still at 10 Mpbs.

Q. How accessible are computers for general student use if I don't have my own?
A: Approximately 108 Windows and 20 Macs with internet, email, and office productivity software are available to all students. Another 228 Windows PCs and 110 Macs with over 150 software applications are available to those who purchase ITSS full lab access. For more information, see

Q. Do the residence halls have labs or connections in each room?
A. There are no labs in the residence halls but every residence hall room or apartment has one ethernet connection for each resident. For details (what students need, how to get access, etc.), see

Q. Should I wait and buy a computer at UMD?
A. You are not required to buy computer hardware or software from UMD, but the UMD Computer Corner offers significant educational discounts for laptop packages and software options that meet UMD’s technology requirements. In addition UMD offers on-site warranty repair service through ITSS Maintenance. Any hardware and software that is *required* by a Collegiate Unit (LSBE, CEHSP, CLA, SFA, SCSE) can be purchased *tax free* when made at the UMD Computer Corner.

Q. Does UMD have wireless networking on campus?
A. All of the main UMD campus and most of the Residence Halls support wireless access, including classrooms, lecture halls, and study areas (library, coffee house, Kirby Plaza).

Q. Can the cost of a computer or laptop be included in financial aid?
A. To determine if the cost of the computer can be included in your financial aid package, see the “Request to Include the Cost of Personal Computer” information at:

Q. What software is available to students?
A. A number of software packages are available for students for free or at reduced cost. For details, see

Information Technology Systems and Services
ITSS Help Desk, 218/726-8847

Office of Admissions
University of Minnesota Duluth
25 Solon Campus Center
1117 University Drive
Duluth, Minnesota 55812

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