Wellbeing Point Options

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Choose from a variety of options to enhance your personal wellbeing while earning points.  

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To discuss options or for questions regarding wellbeing points options, please contact the UMD Employee Health & Wellbeing Center (umdwell@d.umn.edu or 218-786-6700).  We can help you find a meaningful way to meet your point goal.




Health AssessmentsRedBrick Compass® Health Assessment  NEW100

RedBrick Next Steps Consult  NEW

Biometric Health Screening150
Wellbeing My WayAnnual Flu Shot Pledge25
Non-Tobacco User Pledge25
RedBrick Track® (1 Point per Day)  NEW75 maximum
Self-Reported Volunteer Pledge25
Advance Care Directive (Honoring Choices)25
Be ActiveBike Commuter (Points if you reach 50 rides/100 rides per program year)100/150
Fit Choices Gym Reimbursement (8x/month or 12x/month for 6 months)100/150
RedBrick Rally Challenges (1-2 per year)  NEW75/150 maximum
Manage Your HealthWeight Watchers on Campus* (14 sessions in 4 months, 2 series maximum)200/400 maximum
Healthy Pregnancy (3 phone sessions)125
RedBrick Journeys® (4-6 weeks avg each session, 6 journeys maximum)  NEW50 each/300 maximum
Coaching and SupportRedBrick Health Coaching (4 phone sessions)  250
Face-to-Face Health Coaching (Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, or both to complete 4 sessions)250
Group Coaching (must meet attendance requirements, variety of topics available)250
Medication Therapy Management (3 sessions with pharmacist)150
Specialty Therapy Management (4 sessions)150
Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy (4 sessions)150
Wellbeing ClassesGroup Strength Express* (13 of 16 classes, up to 3 sessions per year)150/450 maximum
Yoga 101* (13 of 16 classes, up to 3 sessions per year)150/450 maximum
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction* (7 of 8 sessions; offered at Essentia Health)150
Cooking for Wellness-The Basics*150

*These programs are eligible for 50% reimbursement up to $100. One class within each of the categories of fitness, mindfulness, or cooking classes is eligible for reimbursement per year. Two Weight Watchers series can be reimbursed per year.