Meal Prep Express

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Streamline Your Dinner Routine!

Go home with prepped ingredients and instructions for a delicious meal.

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Let our Employee Health & Wellbeing Center Dietitian, Amanda Joyce, plan the menu and do the grocery shopping!

Upcoming Sessions (all held from 4-5pm in Griggs Center):
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED:  Wed, Feb 7th:  Apple Stuffed Pork Chops, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and Cranberry Almond Spinach Salad   
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED:   Wed, Mar 7th: Tofu Stir Fry with Broccoli and Carrots, Brown Rice, and Vegetable Wontons    
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED:  Wed, April 4th: Cranberry Balsamic Chicken, Rosemary Potatoes, and Lemon Green Beans    
  • REGISTER HERE:   Wed, May 9th: Cilantro Lime Salmon, Tex Mex Couscous Salad, Raw Carrots with Southwest Dip
  • REGISTER HERE to pay for multiple sessions in one transaction

Cancellation Policy:  If event is cancelled due to university closure or instructor illness PRIOR to ingredients being purchased, an effort will be made to reschedule the session or if not possible, refund participants.  If the event is cancelled AFTER ingredients have been purchased, an effort will be made to reschedule the event for the next day rescheduled for the next day when possible or the ingredients/recipes will be given to participants for their use at home, but refunds will not be issued.

General Session Information:
  • Perfect for general wellbeing or for keeping you well with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or other health concerns.
  • Prep (cut, measure, mix) all ingredients for a complete meal.  Go home with prepped ingredients and cooking instructions.
  • Choose to prepare 2-3 servings, 4-6 servings, or 6+ servings (if you prepare 4-6 servings, you would get 4 pork chops or 2 lbs uncooked chicken breasts, for example).  
  • Session fees (will also be a fee for storage containers unless you bring your own, see below): 
    • 2-3 servings= $11
    • 4-6 servings= $22
    • 6+ servings= $33  
  • You will need storage containers to take home your prepared ingredients.  Bring your own* or pay a $10 fee and they will be provided. 

Questions?  Contact Amanda Joyce at or 218-726-8345.