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Let us support you on your path to wellbeing!

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Wellbeing Program

The University has a goal to support your physical, emotional, financial, and social health.  The program through RedBrick (replacing Staywell) has activities you have enjoyed in the past plus some new additions for you and your spouse. 

See this page for a listing of meaningful ways to earn your Wellbeing Points.  

The NEW Wellbeing Program helps you:

  • Save more money on your annual UPlan rates in 2020

  • Try new offerings to support your overall wellbeing
  • Gain rewards  for activities you already do to stay healthy

  • Gives you a partial reimbursement for programs that have fee 
  • Learn more about the new changes 

What is My Wellbeing Points Goal?

Your Wellbeing Points requirement depends on which type of UPlan coverage you selected:

UPlan Coverage Type
Wellbeing Points Requirement (Must completed by Aug 31st, 2018)
500 Points to save $500 in 2019
Employee & Children 
500 Points to save $500 in 2019
Employee & Spouse (With or Without Children)
750 Points to save $750 in 2019 (spouse can earn up to 250 points)

**Note:  The UPlan rate reduction you get through the Wellbeing Program will reflect in your 2020 paychecks over 26 pay periods.

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