Healthy Pregnancy

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150 Wellbeing Points

Take advantage of the Healthy Pregnancy program from Medica to give your baby a healthy start. As an expectant mother, this program can help you stay well and feel good throughout your pregnancy and after your newborn arrives. If you complete your last visit before August 31, 2018, you will earn 150 Wellbeing Points.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Early and ongoing prenatal care
  • Advice from a registered nurse who is up-to-date on your condition and can answer your questions
  • Professional help in controlling risk factors such as high blood pressure that can negatively impact your pregnancy

Get Started

To get started with the program, call Medica at 1-888-906-0958 (option 2). 

How it Works

The Healthy Pregnancy program is open to all UPlan member and their covered spouses. When you enroll while you are pregnant and complete a minimum of three telephone calls with a registered nurse while you are expecting and one phone call with a Medica provider after the birth of your baby, you can earn 150 Wellbeing Points. 

Your points will be credited in the program year of your last coaching call. For example, if your first two calls are in July and August of 2017, but your last call is in October of 2017, those first two calls will carry over into the 2017-2018 program year and count toward a UPlan rate reduction in 2019.