Biometric Health Screenings

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150 Wellbeing Points

Biometric screening is a quick (usually takes 15-20 minutes) and easy way to learn about your health and to help identify risk for certain diseases.  However, it cannot diagnose and is not meant to take the place of visits to your primary healthcare provider.

Tests offered in each screening include:

    • Weight
    • Blood pressure
    • Cholesterol levels
    • Blood sugar
    • Body composition
    • Body Mass Index


University employees (current or retired) and their spouses covered by UPlan insurance are eligible for biometric screening.


There are no out of pocket charges for UPlan insurance members as well as UPlan covered spouses.


  1. For the cholesterol and glucose tests, it is best not to eat anything for at least eight hours before your appointment. You may drink water up to the time of the appointment, but other drinks, including coffee, tea, or pop (soda) may interfere with the test and should be avoided.
  2. Photo ID
    1. Employees - must show your UCard with employee ID number
    2. Spouses - must show photo ID
    3. Must complete by August 31st, 2018 to receive wellness points.

Biometric Screening Options

There are three options available to you to complete biometric screening for 150 wellbeing points:   1. Boynton Health Service Biometric Screening Clinic, 2. by appointment at the UMD WellCare office, or 3. at your doctor's office when you go for your annual visit.

1.  Boynton Health Service Biometric Screening Clinics

Registered Nurses (RNs) from Boynton travel to Duluth from the Twin Cities campus several times per year to host biometric screening clinics in Kirby Rafters.  Appointment scheduling must be completed online.   Appointment slots may fill up; however, if your preferred date is full, Boynton welcomes walk-ins (although you might have a wait). 

2017-2018 Boynton Biometric Screening Clinic Schedule (all Boynton clinics are held in Kirby Rafters from 7:30 am - 10:45 am):

    • Thursday, Nov 30th
    • Thursday, Feb 8th
    • Thursday, March 8th
    • Thursday, April 19th
    • Tuesday, Aug 9th 

2. UMD WellCare Screenings

    • You can schedule a biometric health screening at UMD WellCare by calling (218) 726-8666.  
    • Keep in mind that UMD WellCare is open over the summer, but is closed during employee holidays and on Fridays.

When you get a biometric health screening through UMD WellCare or a Boynton Biometric Screening Clinic, your test results will be sent directly to your RedBrick Health portal.  This process may take several weeks before points are awarded and appear on the website.  Please be advised that no one at the University will ever have access to your personal health information.

3. Screenings at Your Doctor's Office

You can get a biometric health screening through your primary healthcare provider's office. You will need to complete a portion of the Health Screening Form by Provider and Instructions and your healthcare provider enters the results and signs the form.