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Advance Care Directive Pledge

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25 Wellbeing Points

Your health is important, and a key part of that is making sure your wishes are honored for your future health care decisions. Advance Care Planning is the process of writing your health care wishes for your loved ones and your health care providers in case you can no longer speak for yourself.

Advance Care Planning shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it also doesn’t have to overwhelm you. You can decide how detailed you want your directive to be by choosing one of the two forms below:

Honoring Choices Minnesota

  • The traditional directive (pdf) is comprehensive and includes ways to make decisions about your medical, spiritual, and personal choices. Honoring Choices Minnesota recommends this directive for most adults.
  • The short directive form (pdf) allows you to simply name your agent and your basic health care wishes. If you feel you don’t have time for the more involved form right now, this may be the best for you.

You can find out more information on Advance Care Planning (pdf) by reading the information sheet put together by Honoring Choices Minnesota

Honoring Choices WisconsinFor more information about completing an advance directive, plus online and printable forms, click here.

The Conversation Project

Make the pledge

If you have made a Health Care Directive, you can log onto the RedBrick portal to earn 25 Wellbeing Points for doing so. 

Your Privacy

Even though we provide the information and forms to make it easy for you to choose a Heath Care Directive, the University will never track or request what you put on a Health Care Directive. That information is private between you, your family, and your health care provider.

Honoring Choices: Grateful for Health Today and A Voice For Tomorrow

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a process which helps you think about, talk about, and write down your choices for future health care decisions. While it's not an easy topic to consider, it is important for every adult to have a Health Care Directive - a written plan for loved ones and health care providers to follow - so that your wishes are known if a time comes when you cannot speak for yourself.


Workshop Series

 Part 1:  Thursday, March 1st  Times: 9:30am -11:00am  or 1:00-2:30pm Location: Garden Room
    • Overview of the importance of creating a health care directive

    • Participants will be given ideas for starting the process,examples/activities/resources to get them thinking about future wishes and starting conversation with family/friends

      • There will also be adequate working time at the end for participants to being the document and ask individual questions.

      • Witnesses and a notary will available to sign if people complete it during this session  

      Part 2: (Optional session): Friday, March 23rd  Times: 9:30am -11:00am  or 1:00-2:30pm Location: Garden Room   
      • Additional session for participants to come  back with any questions or concerns with the goal  to have paperwork complete and submitted.

      • Witnesses and a notary will available to sign if participants complete it during this session

      • Family- friends- agents are welcome to attend as well. 

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