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What is UMD’s Bike-to-Campus Program?

The University of Minnesota has partnered with a Twin Cities company called Dero to offer an automated bicycle commuting recognition system. This is an easy (and free for bike commuters!) way of verifying and logging bike trips to campus, and rewarding bicycle commuters with prizes and Wellness rewards.  the Bike-to-Campus Program is coordinated in partnership between the UMD Office of Sustainability, Recreational Sports Outdoor Program, Transportation and Parking Services and the Employee Health & Wellbeing Program.

100-150 Wellbeing Points

The Wellbeing Program and Parking and Transportation Services want to reward you for riding your bike. The program is open to anyone who rides a bike, both for commuters and leisure riders. When UPlan Members bike 50 times from September 1, 2017, to August 31, 2018, you can earn 100 wellbeing points. If you bike more than 100 times during the same time period, you can earn 150 wellbeing points.


How Does it Work?

A small tag is attached to your front wheel’s spokes. This tag is embedded with an RFID chip, similar to what runners attach to their shoelaces during running races.

how it works

When you ride past a ‘Zap Station,’ you will hear a beep, and get credit for your round-trip for the day (home to campus, and back home).

How Do I Get Started?

Get your bike(s) tagged by visiting the UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program Rental Center or the Transportation and Parking Services Office and an employee will tag your bike and get instructions for signing up!

  1.  Go to RSOP Rental Center (154 Sports and Health Center) or Transportation and Parking Services (202 Kirby Plaza) to have a free RFID tag installed on your bicycle.

  2. Register your tag with Dero ZAP.

  3. Then just start riding! Ride your bike past a ZAP RFID reader so your ride is counted. 

Where can I get Zapped?

Tags are ‘zapped’ at one of two strategically placed ZAP readers: The first is on University Drive, between the Darland Administration Building and the Lund Heating Plant. The second is on University Drive, near the Stadium:

Ride past where the antenna is pointing. That is usually the “sweet spot,’ and is usually about 5′-15′ from the actual pole on the bike/hike trail. Do NOT bike directly under the pole or on the opposite side of the street where the antenna is pointing.

You will hear a “beep” if you have been read. Generally trip data will be uploaded to your personal calendar within 15 minutes.

You only need one ZAP per day to get your credit for that day. More than one ZAP per day will not add to your mileage or total trips.

If you need additional assistance please contact the following:

Team Challenge & Entering rides manually - Lyndon Ramrattan,, 218-726-6171

Wellbeing Points Bank- Rachel Gilbertson,, 726-6753  

RFID Tags- RSOP Equipment Rental (Tim Bates),, 726-6134 

Office of Sustainability- Mindy Granley,, 726-8198