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Emergency Preparedness

FM Custodial Response to Influenza-Like Illness

By now we all know the importance of preventing the spread of influenza-like illness and other disease by washing our hands and covering coughs and sneezes; but there are also other ways UMD is working to protect our campus community:

Influenza virus transmitted from human to human through coughing and sneezing can survive on surfaces and infect individuals for up to 8 hours if they touch contaminated objects then touch their nose, mouth or eyes.

To minimize this risk, UMD Facilities Management Custodial staff is implementing CDC guidelines for enhanced cleaning practices by disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, stair rails, faucet handles, elevator buttons and light switches. Classroom desktops will be frequently disinfected. Floors and other minimal touch surfaces will receive ordinary cleaning and decontaminating.

ITSS will be providing hand sanitizer and frequent cleaning of keyboards in computer labs.

Staff and Faculty are asked to clean shared equipment and frequently touched work surfaces such as telephones, keyboards, equipment buttons, light switches, chair arms, desk touch points within their dedicated spaces.

Facilities Management will distribute hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to departments upon request. Email



Revised 1/22/2013

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