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AED Locations Per Building

General AED Locations Map

To view a Specific AED location, select a building from the table below.

A.B. Anderson Hall (Nearest located in Sports and Health Center by room 110) Lund Building
Bohannon Hall (By room 90) Malosky Stadium (1st Floor near Famous Daves)
Burntside Hall (Located in LSH Lobby)
Malosky Stadium (3rd Floor near room 330)
Chemistry (Nearest located in Darland Administration Building)
 Marshall Performing Arts Center (MPAC)
Chester Park (1st Floor near room 100 and 113) Marshall W. Allworth Hall (Nearest located in Life Science near room 175)
Chester Park Basement in room 13, Performance Area  Mesabi Hall (Junction Apartments)
Civil Engineering (Nearest located in Voss Kovach 1st Floor)
Montague Hall (Nearest located in MPAC 1st Floor)
Cina Hall (Nearest located in Kirby Student Center 1st Floor) NRRI -1st Floor  Room 101
Darland Administration Building (DADB) NRRI 2nd Floor
Engineering (Nearest located in Voss Kovach 1st Floor) NRRI 3rd Floor
Field House NRRI 4th Floor
Glensheen Main house Oakland Appartments (Aspen & Oak Hall)
Glensheen Carriage House Oakland Appts. (Balsam & Basswood Halls
Griggs A-G and K-S (Nearest located in LSH Lobby) Reasearch Laboratory Building (RLB)
Goldfine Hall Robert W. Bridges Fleet Maintenance
Heaney Hall School of Business Economics (SBE)
Heller Hall (Nearest located in Life Science near room 175) School of Medicine
Kirby Plaza Second Floor (Lobby 200 near Elevator) Sports and Health Center (ground floor)
Kirby Plaza Second Floor ( 250F Child Care) Sports and Health Center (First Floor)
Kirby Plaza 3rd Floor (300 near room 304A) Solon Campus Center (SCC)
Kirby Student Center (KSC 1st Floor ) Stadium Apartments
Kirby Student Center (KSC 3rd Floor) Swenson Science Building (SSB 1st Floor)
Labovitz School of Business (near elevator)  Tweed Museum of Art
Lake Superior Hall Vermillion Residence Hall (Nearest located in LSH Lobby)
Library Voss Kovach Hall 1st floor
Life science (near Classroom 175) Weber Music Hall (Nearest located in Sports and Health Center by room 110)
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