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Student Teacher Technology Kits

Student teachers may check out one of six Student Teacher Technology Kits for user during two weeks or more of their student teaching. If equipment is not being used by student teachers, it may be used by students who are teaching in the blocks.

Each kit consists of a laptop computer, digital projector and digital camera. Individual items may also be checked out.

Note: School districts may not allow non-district computers on their networks. To project live web images in classrooms, you may need to use a school-district computer.

Reservation Process

  • Reservations are handled by the Department of Education (150 EduE). Please contact Chris Peterson (726-7592, or Tracy Ausmus (726-8627,
  • Laptops should (ideally) be reserved a few days ahead of time.
  • Kits and individual items may be reserved for two weeks. The check-out period may be extended if the equipment hasn't been requested by another student teacher.


Pickup and Return

  • Pickups are normally on Fridays (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • Returns are normally on Thursdays (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • The normal pickup/return location is 150 EduE. Arrangements may be made for early or late pickups and drop-offs, which might be at a different location.


Kit Number Laptop Number and Type
1 PC #16, Gateway 450SX4 (Windows XP, 845 MHz)
2 PC #17, Gateway 450SX4 (Windows XP, 845 MHz)
3 PC #18, Gateway 450SX4 (Windows XP, 845 MHz)
4 Macintosh #17, iBook (OS 10.x, 900 MHz)
5 Macintosh #18, iBook (OS 10.x, 900 MHz) (this laptop failed; it will be replaced if demand warrants it)
6 Macintosh #19, iBook (OS 10.x, 900 MHz)


  • Laptops do NOT have wireless cards
  • Each kit includes a Hitachi CP-X327 projector (if desired) and a digital camera; projectors and cameras may also be checked out separately for student teacher use)


  • Kensington USB mouse*
  • Kensington lock(s) for laptop and/or projector**
  • Kensington Presentation Remote (Kensington "clicker" for presentations)**
  • Folding cart on wheels**
  • External floppy drive** (for Macs; not needed for PCs, because they have internal floppy drives)
  • External zip drive**

* Included
** Available upon request

Software, etc.

Item Description PCs Macs
Microsoft Word Word processing Yes Yes
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Yes Yes
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation software Yes Yes
Microsoft Access Database Yes No (use Appleworks)
Appleworks Word processing, spreadsheets, database Yes Yes
Mulberry Email Yes Yes
Inspiration Concept mapping Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Web browser Yes Yes
Firefox Web browser Yes Yes
Safari Web browser No Yes
CD burner Creates CDs No (but you can check out a zip drive) Yes (but one CD drive has failed)
Floppy drive Reads floppy disks Yes Yes (external)
DVD player Plays DVDs Yes Yes
Movie software Creates movies Windows Movie Maker iMovie
OS Operating System Windows XP Pro OS X


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