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Student Teaching Application - Form and Instructions

Student Teaching applications are due the fourth Friday of the semester, at 4 p.m., in 150 EduE, for the following semester.

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Download Application Form

STEP Student Teaching Application directions (as a Word file) and Form (as a Word file)

IESE and UECH Student Teaching Application Form (as a Word file)

Special Education Student Teaching Application Form with Practicum Experience Log (as a Word file)


Special Education Practicum Experience Log


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The form has two parts: the Application for Student Teaching, and the Student Teaching Placement Request.


Applications Must Include

  • Application with advisor signature
  • Placement Request Form
  • Current APAS or updated Post-baccalaureate contract from CEHSP Student Affairs
  • Resume (submit one original copy on plain, white paper and one electronic copy to
    • Not required for already licensed teachers
  • Essay (submit one original copy on plain, white paper and one electronic copy to
    • Not required for already licensed teachers
    • Address appropriate points below if you are interested in multicultural placements
  • Signed Program Clearance Summary

Revisions to any part of the application will not be accepted after placement requests are mailed to schools. Keep a copy of your student teaching application for your personal files.

Placement Considerations

The Office of Field Experiences makes every effort to place students within 40 miles of their preferred locations. This is not always possible; placement location may be affected by any of the following:

  • UMD faculty input - A student who desires to teach outside the Duluth/Superior area will need strong recommendations from the faculty.
  • Opportunities available to provide students with a quality field experience, including but not limited to:
    • Number of public school teachers willing to host student teachers in a specific semester and content area
    • Number of student teachers a district allows its teachers to host in a given year
    • Approval of the principal or director at the site
  • Established contracts with a school district
  • You will not be placed in buildings where there is a potential conflict of interest, e.g., schools where you have a spouse or other family member employed, have children in attendance, or have attended yourself
  • Student to be placed for student teaching in schools outside the 40+ mile radius of Duluth/Superior will be placed in a school with a minimum of 30% in cultural diversity. Socio-economic (30%) and IEP (10%) diversity will also be considered.

    Some extenuating circumstances to this rule may include  medical, death of family member, or transfer of spouse(domestic partner).  Documented evidence must be provided for all three circumstances.

    There are two options for student teaching: (each option has its own guidelines)

    • Duluth/Northern Minnesota/I-35 to Twin Cities/Northern Wisconsin
      • Socio-economic (30%) diversity will be considered
      • IEP (10%) diversity will be considered
    • Twin Cities
      • Student must show exceptional skills
      • Student must be approved by faculty through the application process.
      • Student must teach at a school with at least 30% cultural diversity
      • Only school districts that have an agreement with UMD will be used.

Placement Announcements

Announcement of confirmed placements will begin at the student teacher placement meetings held in early May for fall student teachers, and in early December for spring student teachers.


Your resume offers the potential cooperating teacher an opportunity to evaluate your level of professionalism. It also gives you the chance to share information about your academic and work experiences, as well as your personal and professional interests. Be sure to include your local and permanent addresses as well as information about your field experiences to date.

The UMD Career Services Web site includes guidelines and sample resumes. Review their Career Services Handbook, or visit in person at Solon Campus Center 21.


The essay serves as the best representation of your professionalism, communication abilities and who you are. Cooperating teachers will use your essay to help decide if you are a good fit for their classroom.

The following should be addressed in your essay:

  • Who I am
  • Experiences that led me to want to be a teacher
  • My special interests and activities
  • My long-range goals as an educator

Make sure your essay contains no grammatical or spelling errors. Keep descriptions about yourself and your experiences positive. Maximum length: two pages, word processed and double spaced. Include your name in the upper right-hand corner.

Multicultural Student Teaching Experience

The following questions are to be answered in your essay if you are considering a multicultural setting:

  1. Why would you choose to student teach in a school with a significant minority populations?
  2. Describe what you would hope to learn from an experience student teaching in a school with a significant minority population.
  3. Describe any experiences that you have had working with minority populations (i.e., tutoring, summer camps, practica).
  4. Describe any additional situations that might assist in the decision to select you for this program.

Student Teaching Clearance Requirements

All of the following must be met by the end of the term preceding student teaching. Failure to do so will result in a delay of your student teaching until the next semester or later.

  • Completion of 75% of upper division courses (secondary majors)
  • Completion of all education courses except student teaching, professional issues and professional development
  • Grades in all education courses equal to a "C-" or better
  • No Incomplete grades
  • Meet or exceed minimum GPA requirement in major, and in cumulative grade point average

Professional Liability Insurance

All student teachers are required to have professional liability insurance. Application forms are available online at, under student programs.

Program Clearance Summary

  1. Once notified, pick up and sign for your APAS packet in the CEHSP Student Affairs Office, 120 Bohannon Hall.
  2. Your APAS packet contains:
    • Summary form
    • APAS
    • For students who will teach foreign languages - you will need to have your faculty advisor sign a form from the Foreign Language department
    • Other forms as needed (course repeat forms, exception to APAS forms, etc.)
  3. Take your APAS packet and meet with your faculty advisor to discuss it. Fill out any necessary forms (course repeat form, etc.).
  4. Both you and your faculty advisor need to sign the summary form. Your faculty advisor also needs to sign your application.
  5. Turn in your APAS (from your packet), the original summary form, and your application to the Field Experience Office by 4 p.m. on the deadline date. If you are an elementary or secondary language minor, turn in the signed form required by the Foreign Language department, as well.

Contact CEHSP Student Affairs in 120 Bohannon Hall about any questions on the summary form.

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