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Job Posting Requirements/UMD Posting Guidelines & Resources (PDF)

Academic Search & Hiring Resources

P&A/Faculty Hiring Checklist (PDF)

Civil Service and Labor-Represented Search & Hiring Resources

Civil Service and Labor Represented Hiring Checklist (PDF)

Various Recruitment Resources 

Interview Resources

Below is a list of criteria/sample questions to leverage in structuring interviews

Completing The Hiring Process

Notifying Applicants Reminder: After making a hiring decision, it is the department's responsibility to notify all applicants--both those interviewed and those not interviewed--that a hiring decision has been made. Those individuals not interviewed should be notified by mail, e-mail or telephone. Those candidates who are interviewed should also be contacted by telephone, e-mail, or sent a follow-up letter.

Additional Resources:

Please partner with UMD HR office with any additional questions.