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Vision and Mission


The UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity envisions our campus as a community free from prejudice, discrimination, hatred and ignorance - an intellectually and culturally vibrant place of learning and leadership where all individuals are valued, respected, and unobstructed in their pursuit of excellence in their work and scholarship.


With this vision in mind, the UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity is committed to eliminating individual and systemic barriers that inhibit individuals and groups from attaining equal access to University of Minnesota employment, education, programs, and services. In service to both the University of Minnesota and the broader community, we provide expertise and leadership for the University in the following areas:

  • Advocacy —ensuring that equal opportunity and affirmative action principles are embedded in all relevant University policies and procedures and demonstrated in practice. 

  • Policy Development and Issue Identification – identifying existing or emerging equal opportunity and affirmative action issues, advising University leadership in the development of responsive policies, and analyzing and recommending action based on relevant research studies and position papers. 

  • Education — providing University staff, faculty, and students with information and opportunities for increased understanding of diversity, discrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action policies and practices. 

  • Discrimination Consultation and Investigation — advising individuals and departments on existing, perceived or potential discrimination and retaliation; resolving discrimination issues through formal and informal processes; addressing potential violations of the policy against nepotism. 

  • Community Connections — building mutually meaningful partnerships with diverse groups internal and external to the University concerning equal opportunity and affirmative action. 

  • Compliance — work to assure the UMD campus complies with laws, regulations, policies, and procedures to assure a campus free of discrimination and harassment.

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