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Investigatory Process



The typical steps in a formal discrimination, harassment or retaliation investigation include:

  •       Interviewing the individual raising the concerns and other affected parties;  
      • Involves contacting individuals and scheduling appointments.
  •       Interviewing the individuals with information relevant to the situation;
      • Informing responsible administrators about the concerns and investigation;
      • Interviewing the accused person; and
  •       Collecting and reviewing documents and other forms of information from the individual raising the concerns, witnesses, Human Resources, administrators, or other individuals with relevant information.

At the conclusion of a formal investigation, HR & EO prepares a summary of the investigation and draws conclusions as to whether University policies against discrimination, harassment, or related retaliation were violated. HR & EO will send the report to:

  • The appropriate Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor.
  • The Supervisor/Manager/Dean of the accused individual.
  • The individual accused of wrongdoing.
  • UMD HR & EO will contact the complainant and respondent and notify them that the investigation is complete and an investigation summary report has been submitted to the appropriate administrator. We can also inform the appropriate parties that they can request a copy of the report (redacted).

The same process is followed for the following:

  •       Sexual harassment and/or sexual violence investigation relating to employee conduct
  •       Sexual harassment and/or sexual violence investigation involving a student complaint against an employee.


If wrongdoing is identified UMD HR works with the manager, supervisor, Dean or Director on the appropriate disciplinary process. 

If no wrongdoing is found the issue is closed and no further action is taken.

Regardless of whether the allegation was found to be true or not, there should be no retaliation by the accused party.  If an individual who reported or anyone who participated in the investigation feels they have been the receiving party of retaliation, they should report the action immediately to UMD HR & EO or through UReport and these allegations will be investigated.