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Why Do We Care?

we can help ensure that everyone performs to their full potential.

The UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity is available to all UMD employees, students, and participants in University-related activities to discuss issues or concerns regarding University policies or practices involving potential bias, discrimination, harassment or retaliation that an individual may have experienced or observed.

The UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity can assist with:

  • Training for your department or organization that focuses on prevention
  • Filing a formal or informal complaint
  • Education concerning equal opportunity, diversity issues, disability access policies, and religious accommodations
  • Resolving conflicts related to possible bias, discrimination and harassment
  • Consultations with supervisors, administrators, human resource professionals, and others regarding issues and situations of possible bias, discrimination, harassment or retaliation

The University only works as well as its employees. We want you to feel comfortable reporting what you see or experience. The first priority at UMD is fostering a safe and respectful climate for all. We can only achieve our best work in a campus environment that is safe, civil, and inclusive.

“Our success in creating an inclusive campus environment will rest to a large extent on the commitment by each member of the campus community, on his or her willingness to work diligently, respectfully, and collaboratively, and to speak up when the principles of social justice are not upheld.”   --- Chancellor Lendley Black