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De-Identifiying Health Information


RFP Clinic Procedures
Before you can use a client document for an element in your Portfolio, you are responsible for de-identifying the document. Please clear any Protected Health Information (PHI) from your document, and submit it for approval from your clinic instructor before scanning it into your ePortfolio. You are responsible for following the federal laws regarding protection of private health information. Failure to do so can lead to University of Minnesota sanctions and U.S. Federal Government penalties.

Use the checklist as your guide for de-identifying the document. Use white-out to clear all of the information on the checklist from your report. Remember to clear the name of the facility where your client received services.
As you clear each item, check it off the list. If an item does not apply, check it off the list.
When you have completed the checklist, submit your de-identified report and the checklist to your clinic instructor for approval.
Checklist for De-Identifying Health Information:

Name(s) of client, parents, care providers, other health professionals, etc.
All geographic subdivisions smaller than a state (business, street address, city, county, precinct) Note: zip code or equivalents must be removed, but can retain first 3 digits if the geographic unit to which the zip code applies if the zip code area contains more than 20,000 people.
For dates directly related to the individual, all elements of dates, except year (date of birth, admission date, discharge date, date of death).
All ages over 89 or dates indicating such an age, except that you may have an aggregate category of individuals 90 and older.
Telephone number
Fax number
Email address
Social security number
Medical record number
Health plan number
Account numbers
Certificate or license numbers
Vehicle identification/serial numbers, including license plate numbers
Device identification/serial numbers
Universal resource locators
Internet protocol addresses
Biometric identifiers, including finger and voice prints
Full face photographs and comparable images
Any other unique identifying number, characteristic or code


Off-Campus Procedures

Interns who wish to use a de-identified document from an off-campus site for their portfolio must get permission in writing from the site and must get approval of the final document from the site. All permissions and approvals should be submitted with the de-identified document in the portfolio.

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