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Professor Dunham Receives Art Award


Mathematics and Art
Recognition & Awards   January 18, 2017

Computer Science Professor Douglas Dunham's work "Fractal Monarchs" receives Mathematical Art Exhibition Award.

Douglas Dunham, professor, Department of Computer Science, along with his colleague John Shier, had their work Fractal Monarchs (detail of image above) honored at the 2017 Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards for best photograph, painting, or print.

The award was given at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Atlanta, Ga in January "for aesthetically pleasing works that combine mathematics and art."

Dunham and Shier's piece, which is a 30 x 40 cm digital print, was one of three works selected from the exhibition of juried works in various media by 73 mathematicians and artists from around the world.

"The goal of our art is to create aesthetically pleasing fractal patterns," stated Dunham. "This is a fractal pattern whose motifs are monarch butterflies. We modify our usual rule that motifs cannot overlap by allowing the antennas - but not the rest of the butterfly - to overlap another butterfly. For the randomly placed butterflies to exactly fill the rectangular region in the limit, their areas must decrease in size according to a precise formula: the area of the n-th butterfly is given by A/(zeta(c,N)(N+n)^c), where A is the area of the rectangle, and zeta(c,N) is the Hurwitz zeta function. For this pattern c = 1.26, N = 1.5, and 150 butterflies fill 72% of the rectangle."

The Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards were established in 2008 through an endowment provided to the American Mathematical Society by an anonymous donor who wished to acknowledge those whose works demonstrate the beauty and elegance of mathematics expressed in a visual art form.

The American Mathematical Society, located in Providence, R.I., was founded in 1888 to further mathematical research and scholarship.

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Women in STEM Careen Pannel


Women in STEM
Career Panel

Do you have career questions?
Not sure what you can do with your degree?
Want to talk to women who have been there?

This is your chance to ask!

ALL interested students are welcome!

7-8 pm
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Burns 249, Burns Wellness Center
College of St. Scholastica

Hosted by the Northwoods Women in Science (NWIS) and St. Scholastica Biology Department
Questions? Email Rachel Portinga at


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Digi-Key Presentation at UMD


Digi-Key Presentation
November 17
5:00-7:00 ~ Griggs Center
Pizza & Pop provided

Campus interviews will be held November 18

Looking to hire upwards of 3 full-time software engineers
Salary starting at approximately $66,000/year

Also looking for:

6 Summer coop/intern software engineers @ $25 per hour

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2 UMD CS Teams Compete at DKC3


On October 21st, 2016, UMD Computer Science students participated in the Digi-Key Collegiate Computing Competition. Teams from thirteen universities took part. Participants solved word problems, short programming problems, and long programming problems. Chris Dressen said, "It was a great experience working together with other fellow Computer Science students in a team setting to accomplish a particular set of goals put on by Digikey. I believe that DKC3 was a fantastic learning experience that was a lot of fun at the same time." UMD Computer Science sent two teams. Team Undefined LtoR: Jake Pulkkinen, Ruta Wheelock, Maz Jindeel, and Jake Onsgard. Team Undergraduate Sabbatical LtoR: Chris Dressen, Joe Kachelmeier, and Cody Seavey.

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Inclusive Game Design Lecture


Dpt. of English, Linguistics & Writing Studies


Inclusive Game Design


Janelle Pewapsconias
Neeched Up Games

Friday, November 4, 2016
Humanities 403, 1:00 pm

Janelle Pewapsconias, a Little Pine First Nation game developer who runs Neeched Up Games, will share her work and discuss games as pathways to health in Indigenous communities, in conversation with Elizabeth LaPenseé, Michigan State University.

If students or faculty would like to meet with Janelle
please contact Professor David Beard, Dpt of English, Linguistics & Writing Studies at,,  or 218-726-8442

More about Janelle:

Also check out:

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Professor Pedersen Presents 2 New Papers


Ted Pedersen, professor, Department of Computer Science, co-authored two papers that were presented at workshops held in conjunction with the annual conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. The first, "Why Do They Leave: Modeling Participation in Online Depression Forums", was presented at the 4th International Workshop onNatural Language Processing for Social Media . Authors include Farig Sadeque, Ted Pedersen, Thamar Solorio, Prasha Shrestha, Nicolas Rey-Villamizar and Steven Bethard. The second paper, "Analysis of Anxious Word Usage on Online Health Forums”, was presented at the Seventh International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis. This paper authors include Nicolas Rey-Villamizar, Prasha Shrestha, Farig Sadeque, Steven Bethard, Ted Pedersen, Arjun Mukherjee and Thamar Solorio.

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