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CS Department Computing Facilities

The Department of Computer Science has four instructional and research laboratories: the CS Software Development Lab, CS Networking and Hardware Lab, the Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics Lab and the Wireless Multimedia Classroom/Lab. In addition to these labs, computing services are also available as noted below. Student technology fees are the primary source for purchasing and maintaining this equipment.

CS Software Development Lab (HH 314)

CS Software Development Lab (HH 314)
Intended primarily for upper division classes but can be accessed by CS Juniors and Seniors. The lab contains 19 Dell computers which run Linux and 5 Macintosh computers. A variety of software is loaded on the systems from web browsers to powerful tools such as Matlab. Students may install software locally or request that software be added to the lab's basic build.

The lab is open during regular daytime hours. In addition, students may request a key card which allows them access to the lab at any time 24 hours a day.


CS Networking and Hardware Lab (MWAH 187)
T his lab supports certain upper division classes in the CS and CIS degree which involve directly accessing and in many cases changing or installing different aspects for the networking and operating systems of the computers. The lab consists of 18 Dell computers with removable hard drives. The lab has a locked storage cabinet where students store their individual hard drives when not in use. The basic hard drives of the system are preloaded with Linux, but in many cases students adjust the software suite on their individual disk.

Computers are connected to a separate rack of networked computers to provide an additional framework for performing tests and adjusting network characteristics. The rack consists of 20 laptops connected via a central routing system and is directly connected to other computers in the lab. This rack can be made available during lab times and is accessible remotely at other times.

This lab is open during lab hours and students may use their access card to use the lab at any time 24 hours a day. Cards will be issued and set up to allow students who are in the classes needing the labs to access the labs.

Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics Lab (HH 330) - this lab is used by Dr. Pete Willemsen for his research and for some of his classes.



Other UMD Computing Facilities

UMD's Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) provides a wide range of computing services including networking, visualization and digital imaging, computing labs (using a variety of hardware/software platforms) and a wide range of application software. To learn more about other technology resources available to students, visit the ITSS website.