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On-line Application Guidelines

Note: No applications are accepted for spring semester.

Please fill out the on-line application at thoroughly as possible. Some components are required by the UMD Computer Science Department. Others are required by the University of Minnesota Graduate School Office. Please remember that, once you click submit, you will no longer be able to upload documents.

Components Required for Consideration by the Computer Science Admission Committee

(If the following components are not included in your on-line Apply Yourself records, your application will NOT be considered for admission)

  • Complete Contact & Biographical Information
  • Undergraduate Institution Information
  • Upload of unofficial transcripts
  • TOEFL or IELTS Scores
  • GRE Scores
  • Upload of Personal Statement
  • Three letters of reference
  • Upload of completed "Application for Assistantship" form.  (download a blank PDF form)

(If you are not applying for a funded assistantship please let us know.)

Recommended Uploads

  • Writing Sample if foreign student
  • Resume
  • Any pertinent certificates