Research Opportunities

Graduate Students

To apply for our graduate program in Physics go to UMD Graduate School.
Note that the GRE is currently not required, but research groups may have additional requirements to join. Teaching and Research assistantships are available.

If you are a Masters student and would like to work with us, please contact one of the group members directly. You need to have a strong background in theoretical physics and, for some projects, expertise in programming and/or data analysis may be required. Please contact us early on, so that we can devise a study plan together to get you to the level required for research. Given sufficient interest, we offer reading courses on advanced topics such as general relativity, cosmology, cosmological perturbation theory and string theory among others.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate research programs visit the UROP web site. Small research projects are available by directly contacting institute members. Note that no all project are suitable for every student, so please check with us early to investigate wether or not we have a matching project for you.