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Chrome River Update

Thanks to all who participated in the Chrome River Navigator training January 8 & 9!

Here are some reminders and tips from the training:

  • Chrome River is accessed through MyU and the link is currently available to all UMD units.
    Navigate to Key Links - U Travel - Chrome River Login. If you are exploring in Chrome River to get familiar with it, please DO NOT to click the green Submit button on any test reports.
  • The expense owner is the person who traveled or made a purchase.  Expense owners will be processing their own expense reports with very few exceptions.  Navigators are encouraged to sit with expense owners who are doing their first report, or who need help with future reports.
  • If the expense owner is reconciling a charge that was made on a Travel Card, they must start from the Credit Card section in the Add Expenses window.  The charges may take up to a week to appear in Chrome River, depending on when the merchant submits them to their bank. A green dot will appear when credit card charges are in Chrome River.
  • Per diem meals (personal meals while in travel status) can never be purchased on the Travel Card.
  • Remember that hotel charges and supplies purchases must be itemized.  Hotel charges are itemized to make sure that the room charges do not exceed the per diem limit as allowed by University policy. Supplies charges are itemized to make sure they are posted to the correct account code.
  • When the expense owner is adding meals using the per diem wizard, they can click on each day to deduct meals for which they do not want to be reimbursed (for instance, meals provided by a conference to all attendees).
  • Remember, Offline receipts = Out of pocket expenses
  • To launch a walkthrough of creating an expense report or uploading receipts, expense owners log in to Chrome River and click their user name in the upper right hand corner, then click Launch Walkthrough.
  • Every U of M employee will be required to use Chrome River by July 1, 2019. UMD will transition by major unit (colleges, Student Life, etc) with the entire unit moving to Chrome River as a group.
  • UMD Controller’s Office staff is available to attend department or unit meetings to give an hour-long overview of Chrome River and the Travel Card.  
    Please contact Sue Bosell directly to arrange this at or 7168.


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