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For Students

Have you recieved a charge letter? from the Office of Student Conduct? See our [For Respondents] page.
A charge letter is sent to a student accused of violating the Student Conduct Code. It contains specific alleged violations as well as a scheduled meeting time.

Reporting an Incident

Students have the following options for reporting an incident:

  • Call the police by dialing 911.
  • Contact the Office of Student Conduct by phone at (218) 726-7255 or by walk-in at 245 Kirby Plaza. [map]
  • File a report online.
  • Report through the Campus Climate website.

Student Definition

Student shall mean any person taking courses at the University or enrolled in a University program; any person participating as a student in University activities prior to the start of classes; any student who is not enrolled or registered for a particular term but has a continuing relationship with the University; any student who withdraws, transfers, or graduates after an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code; and any already graduated student when the conduct at issue implicates the student’s University degree.


Alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code may occur:

  • On campus;

  • On property owned and/or controlled by UMD;

  • On property or in housing units assigned by UMD;

  • During activities that are sponsored or approved by UMD: or

  • Off-campus consistent with the Board of Regents Student Conduct Code.

Language Guide

Complainant:the individual(s) or organization which brought forward the alleged charge. The University may also act as the complainant.
Respondent: the individual(s) or organization that is facing charges for allegedly violating the Student Conduct Code.
Charge: a portion of the Student Conduct Code alleged to be violated.
Hearing: a formal or informal conversation about an incident or complaint.
Sanction: the outcome of a determination of responsibility.

Student Rights

The University will protect the rights of all parties involved to the best of its ability. The rights of parties involved include, but are not limited to, the following:

Shared Rights. All parties have the right to:

  • have the incident taken seriously and be treated with dignity,
  • have an advocate or support person in a non-participatory role with you during all meetings or hearings,
  • receive referrals for confidential medical and counseling services and other support systems,
  • have the report investigated and responded to in a timely manner, and
  • an opportunity to tell your side of the story (share your perspective).

Respondents have the right to:

  • know the name of the complainant–but you do not have the right to confront your accuser by any method (e.g., in person, phone, text message, e-mail, etc.),
  • be informed that you may appeal a sanction imposed by the hearing party, and
  • have their case reviewed by the Appeals Panel.

Complainants have the right to:

  • not be coerced into filing a formal police report,
  • be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceeding against the respondent (sex, gender, or violence situations only),
  • receive information on victim/survivor advocate support,
  • be notified of options/accomodations for changing academic and living situations, and
  • appeal the decision of the hearing party (sex or gender situations only).

Students Responsibilities

As a UMD student, you represent the University community. The University holds students to a high standard both on and off campus. Accordingly, conduct not representative of those standards may result in appropriate sanctions.

Registration Holds

A hold may be placed on a student account to ensure compliance with meetings or sanctions as assigned. To check holds on your account, click here. To resolve a registration hold, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.

Release of Information

As a student, your educational records are protected. To share information with parents or family members, the student involved should have a FERPA Information Release waiver on file.

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