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Students and student groups found responsible for disciplinary offenses under the Student Conduct Code are subject to sanctions. Factors to consider in determining appropriate sanctions include: the nature of the offense, the severity of the offense, the culpability of the student or student group, the impact on other students or members of the University community, and the opportunity for student development. Separation from the University through suspension or expulsion is a serious sanction that may be appropriate for: repeated violations of the Student Conduct Code, for serious scholastic dishonesty, and for misconduct that constitutes a threat to community safety or well-being (including, but not limited to harm to person and sexual assault), or significantly disrupts the rights of others or the operations of the University.

The following sanctions, which are listed in order of least severe to most severe, may be imposed upon students or student groups found to have violated the Student Conduct Code:

Warning. A warning means the issuance of an oral or written warning or reprimand.
Probation. Probation means special status with conditions imposed for a defined period of time and includes the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student or student group is found to violate any institutional regulation during the probationary period.
Required Compliance. Required compliance means satisfying University requirements, work assignments, community service, participating in a restorative justice process, or other discretionary assignments.
Confiscation. Confiscation means confiscation of goods used or possessed in violation of University regulations or confiscation of falsified identification or identification wrongly used.
Restitution. Restitution means making compensation for loss, injury, or damage.
Restriction of Privileges. Restriction of privileges means the denial or restriction of specified privileges, including, but not limited to, access to an official transcript for a defined period of time.
Suspension. Suspension means separation of the student or student group from the University for a defined period of time, after which the student is eligible to return to the University. Suspension may include conditions for readmission. The suspension may be deferred when an offense is serious enough to warrant separation from the University, but where the specific circumstances of the case justify special consideration.
Expulsion. Expulsion means the permanent separation of the student from the University. Withholding of Diploma or Degree. Withholding of diploma or degree means the withholding of diploma or degree otherwise earned for a defined period of time or until the completion of assigned sanctions.
Revocation of Admission or Degree. Revocation of admission or degree means revoking a student's admission to the University or revoking a degree already awarded by the University.

Any sanction not completed by the deadline may result in additional sanctions. OSC shall monitor deadlines for sanction completion. Holds will be placed on accounts for students who fail to complete sanctions.

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