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For Parents & Families


All University of Minnesota Duluth students are held to the Board of Regents Student Conduct Code.

Notification Policy

UMD may notify parents when:

  • the health or safety of a student or other individual is threatened,
  • the student signs a waiver permitting the release, or;
  • the University is able to determine the student is financially dependent for tax purposes.

In order to discuss a case with parents, the student should sign a FERPA Information Release waiver naming the particular individuals with whom details may be shared.


Tips for Families

  • Discuss the incident with your student. Be sure to listen carefully and critically.
  • Clarify your expectations and values with your student.
  • Take this opportunity to have an open discussion with your student about the process of making decisions consistent with their own values, ethics, and future goals.
  • Encourage your student to understand the conduct process.
  • Brainstorm with your student ways to overcome past mistakes.
  • Focus on the behavior that resulted in the incident rather than on the student's character.
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