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If you have another student take an exam for you, both of you are guilty of academic dishonesty. This is considered a very serious offense.

A student you do not know is looking at your exam, but you make no effort to cover your answers. Are you guilty of academic dishonesty? Yes.

During fall semester you wrote an excellent research paper for a class. You have just been assigned a research paper, and fall semester's paper fulfills the requirements for your new assignment. Is it OK to use fall semester's paper? No--not unless you have the permission of your current professor.

You have been assigned a take-home exam. Per the professor's instructions, you are only allowed to use class notes, library books, and textbooks. You may also consult the professor or teaching assistant. You discussed one question with your roommate but did write your own answer. Are you guilty of academic dishonesty? Yes. Once you have the questions for an exam, you cannot collaborate with another student.

The student in front of you pulled out a cheat sheet and used it during the exam. If you do not report the student, can you be charged with academic dishonesty? No. However, the other student's cheating skews the curve and puts you and other honest students at a disadvantage.

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