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UMD Commission for Women Grant Request Form


Please complete one of the following forms (send Word form to CW Grants Committee Chair, Connie O'Brien at: or Labovitz School of Buisness & Economics, Room 360A  1318 Kirby Drive, Duluth, MN  55812)

Download grant request form (Word)



Grant Request Form



Indicate one: Large grant or Small grant

Amount requested $

Purpose of Request:

Date of Event: Event must be completed during the current fiscal year

Please fill in or cut and paste your reponses below

Please note: Text boxes allow unlimited text.
Your response must be as specific and complete as possible.
You may send any related materials to the Grant Committee Chair.


1. Please describe this event/ project.

2. How would funding this request directly benefit women in the UMD community? (please be very specific)

3. Where have you have applied for other funding and for how much money was the request?

4. Please provide a budget and description:


Room Rental:
Other (please decribe):


Applicant's Name and Title:

Department or Organization Address:

Business Telephone:

Email Address:




NOTE: The Commission for Women meets monthly throughout the semester. The commission officially approves all grants; therefore, it may be 3-4 weeks before you receive a reply.


For additional questions about Commission for Women grants, please contact the Grants Committee chair: Connie O'Brien at

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