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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly April 17, 2012

Approved 11/27/12
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
2:00 p.m. Kirby Rafters

Regina Zona, chair, Executive Committee of the Campus Assembly (ECCA), called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. She issued a reminder to pick up voting cards and sign the attendance sheet.

The November 22, 2011, meeting minutes were approved.

Following is a brief summary of standing committee activity. The detailed activity reports are available in the UMD Library.

Executive Committee of the Campus Assembly (ECCA), Regina Zona, chair
ECCA revised and updated the Constitution and Bylaws. The committee created a campus wide survey to gather feedback from the faculty/staff on campus governance. The survey was distributed to 1403 faculty and staff with a response rate of less than 8% or 219 responses received.

Mike Mullins stated that there is a fear factor among faculty and survey anonymity was a concern.

Budget Committee, Alan Roline, chair
The committee recommends budgetary feedback to Chancellor Black and his cabinet. Committee members were given an update on the budget compact process.

Student Affairs Committee, T. J. Kiewatt, co-chair
The committee is developing a student complaint process parallel to the academic complaint process. A major initiative is the creation of a Parking Appeals board.

Campus Athletic Committee, Rebecca Katz Harwood, chair
The committee continued work on the athletics mission and vision statements. Members selected nominees for the Dr. Britton Scholar-Athlete Award for Academic Excellence and the Willis R. Kelley Scholar Award for Academic Excellence, both sponsored by NSIC.

Physical Facilities Committee, Bob Krumweide, chair
As ECCA requested, the committee revised their charge to reflect the following: review of the revisions and development of long-range physical plans, review all capital requests against the master plan and UMD strategic planning, continue involvement with the building naming process for the physical space on campus, and facilitate communication with the campus community in regard to physical facilities project plans and processes.

Educational Policy Committee, Jim Klueg, chair
The Liberal Education subcommittee has been reconstituted to review the courses for liberal education.
The committee created an assessment guide statement that has been approved and posted for campus feedback. The committee is currently creating criteria for service learning designation.

Revisions to the Constitution
The suggested revisions to the Constitution cannot be voted on the floor of the campus assembly meeting. Within 6-10 days following this meeting, a paper ballot will be distributed via mail. The suggested revisions include items such as: language revisions needed to be compliant with UMD Human Resources and rewording the preamble to reflect compliance with the strategic plan.

Regina was told that amendments cannot be taken on the floor at the campus assembly meeting, but that information was recanted this morning. The UMD Campus Assembly Parliamentarian is not in attendance.
It has been moved and seconded that the UMD Bylaws as posted are put to a vote. Discussion includes:

Zach Filipovich, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Student Association referenced the proposed changes to leadership roles. Referencing Article II Section 7. Membership, C. Students may not hold a leadership position on any standing committee but the Student Affairs Committee and D. Student may hold the position of chair or vice chair of the Student Affairs Committee. Zach stated that the sentiment of the student body is members that there should be no limitations placed the holding of leadership positions.

Andrea Schokker, EVCAA, referenced Article II Section 1. Campus Assembly Membership and Elections 3 and 7 stating that the addition of the Medical School Duluth and College of Pharmacy Duluth to the campus assembly membership is not past practice. The Twin Cities units have different reporting mechanisms than the Duluth campus.

The Medical School Duluth has representation on the ECCA, Budget Committee and Physical Facilities Committee. This suggested revision is adding the College of Pharmacy Duluth to the Budget and Physical Facilities Committees. There is not enough resources to provide membership to each standing committee.

Zach Filipovich made an amendment to strike Section 7. Membership, Section c. Students may not hold a leadership position on any standing committee but the Student Affairs Committee and e. Any faculty, academic professional and administrative staff representative, or civil service (non-represented) representative may serve in a leadership role of any campus standing committee of which they are a member. Amendment was seconded.

Dalibor Froncek, ECCA, suggested that it would be unfair to leave in 7d. Student may hold the position of chair or vice chair of the Student Affairs Committee and delete 7e. Any faculty, academic professional and administrative staff representative, or civil service (non-represented) representative may serve in a leadership role of any campus standing committee of which they are a member.

David Gore, a former representative on the Educational Policy Committee, expressed concern that there is no consistency with students’ attendance. While it may be appropriate that they are eligible, the concern is that the attendance is not continuous. Taking that into consideration would they add value in holding a leadership position?

A faculty member stated a concern of students not having the institutional memory and experience to serve in a leadership role. While students are valued and respected the committees require a certain level of expertise.

Zach Filipovich stated that leadership eligibility is up to the committee to decide if the person has the needed skills.

Jeni Eltink stated that she has reservations in eliminating a group of people from eligibility. A student may stay on as a graduate student and possess institutional memory worthy of consideration.

Mick McComber believes in empowering students in real and tangible ways, however he does not support the amendment because 7e (see above) is an important component of the Bylaw change. We need to spell out who is eligible by striking 7c (see above) and including student in 7e (see above).

Corbin Smythe requested clarity on the process for voting on the Bylaws. The UMD Constitution suggests we are not allowed to make amendments on the floor. Regina stated this issue was discussed with the Parliamentarian and referred to Article X. Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws.

Adoption of Amendment 1 states to strike out Section 7c (see above) and 7e (see above) from the Bylaws as posted. Amendment did not pass.

Denny Falk requested an Amendment 2 to strike Section 7c (see above) and 7d (see above) and add student after faculty in 7e (see above).

TJ Kiewatt stated that he is in favor of Section 7d (see above) as it allows students to hold a leadership position on a standing committee.

Krista Twu requested the definition of a “student” (i.e. full time part time, credits). Regina stated that the definition is not clarified in the Constitution or Bylaws.

Adoption of Amendment 2 states to strike 7d (see above) and 7d (see above) and include students after faculty in 7e. Any faculty, students, academic professional and administrative staff representative, or civil service (non-represented) representative may serve in a leadership role of any campus standing committee of which they are a member.
Amendment passed.

A motion to amend Article II Campus Assembly Membership and Elections Section A. For purposes of electing faculty representatives to the Campus Assembly and its standing committees, the faculty members shall vote within each of the following units: 3)Medical School Duluth and 7) College of Pharmacy Duluth by adding an asterisk by 3 and 7 stating that said members shall be ex officio nonvoting members of UMD governance. An addition of a #8 would state: and all UMD faculty not within a collegiate unit.

Les Drewes stated that the Medical School of Duluth and College of Pharmacy Duluth are critical elements to the future of the UMD campus and its educational aspects. The faculty work closely together with other units on the UMD campus (i.e. research).

Bruce Reeves suggested that these buildings are physical facilities on campus. The employees are affected by the decisions the campus makes and for that reason they should be considered voting members.

Andrea Schokker, EVCAA, values the Medical School of Duluth and College of Pharmacy Duluth on the UMD campus, but all things (events, facilities, reporting) are handled separately and they have representation on the Twin Cities campus.

Adoption of Amendment 2 includes adding an asterisk by Article II Secion A3 and A7 and include an * by 8 that reads “and all UMD faculty not within a collegiate unit.”
Amendment 2 did not pass.

Moved and seconded that the UMD Bylaws as amended be put to vote.
The UMD Bylaws are approved.

FOR ACTION – Acceptance of Academic Policies presented by Jim Klueg
For further information on these policies access the link
Course Enrollment Limit and Cancellation – new policy
Passed with no discussion.
Grading and Transcripts – revised policy
Policy reinstates language requiring students to obtain departmental permission before they retake a course that they had a C grade or higher; makes further access for those who need the class for graduation. Penny Morton asked how this information will be tracked. Jim Klueg stated faculty raised the issue and it’s more for those students on waitlist.
High School Preparation Requirements – revised policy
This policy is specific to math requirements and UMD aligning with the Twin Cities standard that in 2015 four years of high school math is a requirement.
Jeni Eltink, Students in Transition, commented that this is a concern because it impacts small rural schools, rule followers, and those students may not have the opportunity to meet that requirement.
Lisa Rigoni Reeves stated that if students have not fulfilled this high school math preparation requirement, is their degree not posted? Carmen Latterell stated that students may not get in to college if the requirement is not met. Jackie Millslagle clarified that students are being admitted with high school prep deficiencies; in response to Carmen it’s the geometry course because UMD does not offer a geometry course. Motivation is students have math in senior year before they come to college.
Maintaining Course Records – new policy
Passed with no discussion.
Undergraduate Degree Requirements – revised
Passed with no discussion.

Chancellor’s Report
Chancellor gave thanks all for those involved in the campus governance process.

Student Achievements
The campus celebrated the undergraduate research program; 26 students participated in national activities.
Sarah Knott, Master of Music student, received the Schubert Club competition award. Sarah will be the feature and perform on Minnesota Public Radio.

One of the outcomes from the Campus Forum on governance was that there is a lack of understanding the governance process. Andrea will post on her blog the current structure and its responsibilities. Please send comments to Chancellor and/or Andrea Schokker.

Chancellor discussed creating a committee charged with holding discussions on change and maintaining energy and momentum. The Chancellor will not appoint a group, but will work with UEA, faculty groups, Professional Staff Council, etc., to create an election mechanism to select the group. In the meantime, please send any suggestions for change to Chancellor.

Parking Appeals Board, Lisa Erwin
The Parking Appeals Board was created to offer a more efficient and fair process for parking appeals and will include students, faculty, and staff. Please send suggestions to Cheryl Love or Pat Keenan.

New Business

3:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendy J. Larrivy
Office of the Chancellor

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