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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly April 21, 2009



Tuesday, April 21, 2008
2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B


Bill Payne, Chair Executive Committee, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
Committee members were reminded to sign the attendance sheet.
A motion for approval of the November 18, 2008, minutes was seconded and passed.

Below are highlights of Committee activity. For more detailed information, the committee reports are available in the Library.

Executive Committee: Chair Bill Payne
Representatives served on the Jean G. Blehart Committee to review nominations for the distinguished teaching award. The 2008-09 recipient was Curt Anderson from the Labovitz School of Business and Economics.

Mary Keenan and Bruce Gildseth discussed the graduation and retention initiative. For more information see the website: HYPERLINK ""

Budget Committee: John King, Interim Vice Chancellor Finance & Operations
The U of M Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Richard Pfutzenreuter (Fitz) met with the Budget Committee and discussed current budget issues such as the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (federal stimulus package). This fund could provide up to $258 million in one time, temporary, non-recurring bridge money to the U of M system under the governor’s current proposal. There are stipulations on how the funds can be spent and those stipulations are still unclear.

Fiscal year 2012-13 is likely to be another financially challenging situation.

UMD’s current budget framework is 8% retrenchment from each unit. The total UMD budget is $139m; the retrenchment would amount to $10.7m. We could receive Federal stimulus dollars in the range of $0 - $11m. Presently are working on UMD priorities should those dollars be received.

Is there any thought on the bonding issues in relation to the House freezing incoming tuition for four years beginning with the class of 2011?

John King: The University is modeling a situation where incoming freshman next fall would be guaranteed the same tuition for 4 years. This is a discussion and has gone no further.

Student Affairs Committee: Kaylee Timbers, representative
April 18th Spring Clean Up – Approximately 80 students attended and cleanup amounted to 80 blocks.

The Black Student Association and Student Association are meeting with Randy Hyman, Vice Chancellor of Academic Support and Student Life, to form a task force for student rights. This task force will be aimed at producing a protocol to regulate actions with the appropriate consequences.


Campus Athletic Committee: Jeff Maahs, Chair
International Student Athletes
The Office of Admissions has reviewed applications for admission from international student athletes whose credentials have fallen below the published standards for admission (TOEFL score below UMD threshold). The Athletics committee voted to recommend that the “Admission Requirements—International Students” section of the catalog be amended to include language consistent with the admissions of domestic students. This issue has been forward to the Educational Policy Committee.

Physical Facilities Committee: Bob Krumwiede, Chair
Chester Park
Those over at Chester Park include the Communication Science Disorder, Speech, Hearing, and Language Clinic, Sea Grant, Language Emergence School – CEHSP, Communication research lab, fine arts academy, and University of Minnesota extension personnel.

Parking – Cheryl Love will continue to participate and give reports to the committee on a regular basis.

Paul Deputy: Is Chester Park considered an on campus or off campus location?
Bob Krumwiede: On campus location

Judy Bromen: Are there any University functions at Washburn Hall?
Bob Krumwiede: No it is vacated and for sale.

Educational Policy Committee: Eve Browning, Chair
Liberal Education / General Education Program – Vice Chancellor Vince Magnuson recommended that the revision of the liberal education at UMD and the new agenda for assessment of learning outcomes should be integrally linked. To allow time for a cooperative venture linking liberal education to appropriate goals and outcomes, further action is postponed until some time in fall 2009.

Vice Chancellor Academic Administration Vince Magnuson thanked Bill Payne and Carol Bock, the chairs of the Liberal Education Task Force and all its members for their hard work on the liberal education program. Math, literacy, quantitative reasoning needs to be explored further.

Jackie Millslage, Associate Vice Chancellor, is leading a campus wide effort in an assessment program and learning outcomes program for our campus in general. The assessment program goes into the heart of what faculty does each and every day.

In the fall, I hope to deliver the learning outcomes for campus for future, liberal education learning outcomes and the liberal education package that students, faculty and administration can approve. We are moving forward.

4. CHANCELLOR REPORT, Vince Magnuson, Vice Chancellor Academic Administration
Nothing is certain in the current budget scenario.

John Rashid, Associate Director Facilities Management and Manager, Construction and Operations updated the Campus Assembly on the following building projects: Civil Engineering Construction, American Indian Learning Resource Center, Bagley Outdoor Classroom, new freshman dorm (addition to Griggs), the vacated School of Business (Education building), Chester Park, Stadium apartments (demolition 2011, 2012), the Malosky Stadium scoreboard replacement, and miscellaneous repair and replacement projects.

No new business was brought forward.


Meeting adjourned 2:50 p.m.

Wendy J. Larrivy, Clerk of Campus Assembly

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