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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly November 21, 2006

April 17, 2007

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B

Linda Miller Cleary, Chair, Executive Committee called the meeting to order at 2:00.
Committee members were reminded to sign the attendance sheet.
A motion for approval of the April 11, 2006, minutes was seconded and passed.

Below are highlights of Committee activity. For further information, the committee reports are located in the Library.

Executive Committee: Linda Miller Cleary, Chair
The ratio of higher rank faculty to Assistant Professors and Instructors
Issue was forwarded to the Educational Policy Committee for further review.

International Students’ Support
Issue was forwarded to the Educational Policy Committee for further review in understanding the international students’ needs and propose a process to meet those needs.

Budget Committee: Greg Fox, Chair
Enrollment Update
Unofficial fall semester enrollment is 11,190 or 6% above last year. The enrollment figure does reflect an increase of 361 Duluth public high school students, an increase of 151 freshmen, and an increase of 40 graduate students.

Executive Summary of Administrative Report
The website below offers further information on Transforming the U – The Strategic Positioning Process. Use the links on the left side of the web page to locate Task Force reports. HYPERLINK ""

Future Planning of the Budget Committee
Upcoming Budget Committee meetings will include invited guests (John Rashid, Mick McComber, Joe Michela, Richard Pfutzenreuter) who will be on hand to provide information and answer committee questions on specific UMD projects and initiatives as they pertain to the overall campus budget.

Student Affairs Committee: Greg Weeks, representative
Bulldog Taxi Program
Over 1400 students have signed up for the program.

The Better Neighbors Program
Continuing to establish positive relationships between college students and community residents.

Presidents’ Council
Put on by Student Association to connect the leaders of student organizations on campus. 170 organizations have singed up.

Campus Athletic Committee: No report


Physical Facilities Committee: Jim Shearer, Chair
Campus parking, Chester Park School residents and campus space needs were discussed.

Educational Policy Committee: Richard Davis, Chair
College Prep Requirements in Social Science
UMD’s high school preparation requirement of two years of social science has been increased to a requirement of three years of social science to comply with the Board of Regents policy.

Auditing Courses
Language in the catalogue was clarified to indicate that upon payment of normal tuition and fees; students may repeat an audited course for a grade.

Proposal to amend Constitution/Bylaws
Lynn Hegrenes explained the process for the paper ballot that was distributed in May of 2006. Fifty-two responses were returned and we needed 2/3 majority or 71 responses. There is a need to revise the constitution/bylaws to reflect appropriate membership language in regard to the Professional Staff Council.

The Executive Committee would like to introduce a process whereby members of the Campus Assembly can vote on a secure web server link in hopes that it would be more efficient rather than a paper mail ballot process. Jim Shearer, Parliamentarian, suggested we make a motion as the Constitution specifically states mail ballot. The Campus Assembly made a motion to accept the use of e-mail and the web server for restricted voting on assembly issues. Passed.

5. CHANCELLOR REPORT, Greg Fox Vice Chancellor Finance and Operations
Sports and Health Center addition
The dedication of the Sports and Health Center addition was held on 9/20/07. The Health Center addition was approximately $13m with $500,000 in renovations of existing space.

Labovitz School of Business & Economics
Anticipated move is 2008. There will be discussions on reallocating space in the current Labovitz School of Business & Economics.

Life Science Renovation
Pharmacy and Biology could possibly move in July 2007.

Bohannon Hall
Many of the staff and faculty housed in Bohannon Hall have relocated to Chester Park School during the renovations.

Changes in the House as Democrats (Chair of Higher Education, Tax Committee) are now in control.

Budget cuts of $185m over the years. Legislature may try to limit tuition increase to 4.5%.

Neighborhood Meetings
Greg Fox attended a neighborhood meeting and parking and alcohol were not discussed. Area residents have noticed that UMD (students and administration) are trying to find a win win situation.

Search Committee
The Chancellor has organized a search committee for the position of Vice Chancellor of Academic Support and Student life. Vice Chancellor Bruce Gildseth will be retiring in the spring/summer of 2007.

Meeting adjourned 3:20 p.m.
Wendy J. Larrivy, Clerk of Campus Assembly

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