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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly April 17, 2007

November 13, 2007
Tuesday, April 17, 2007
2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B

Linda Miller Cleary, Chair, Executive Committee called the meeting to order at 2:00.
Committee members were reminded to sign the attendance sheet.
A motion for approval of the November 21, 2006, minutes was seconded and passed.

Below are highlights of Committee activity. For further information, the committee reports are located in the Library.

Executive Committee: Linda Miller Cleary, Chair
Linda Deneen stated that there will be ongoing tech support for faculty. This issue and others (mandatory on-line syllabi) have been forwarded to the Educational Policy Committee for consideration and determination.

Eve Browning – Honor’s Program
Discussed the process on how freshmen are identified and the procedures for adding exemplary students to the existing Honor’s group. Eve will communicate procedures to faculty.

Students raised concerns about implementing more alcohol education on campus. Lee Church, a CSE Senator, presented to ECCA his research study on effective alcohol education at UMD.

Budget Committee: Greg Fox, Chair
Banded Tuition Plan
There is legislative support to offset tuition costs at UMD and the banding proposal has been well received. The band will begin at 13 credits with no per credit charges for further credits.

Legislative Update
There has been support in both the Minnesota House and Senate to keep higher education affordable to Minnesota families. The University reciprocity guidelines will be researched and revised.

Student Affairs Committee: Greg Weeks, representative
Bulldog Taxi Program
Over 1000 students have signed up for the program.

The Better Neighbors Program
Continues to establish positive relationships between college students and community residents.

Miscellaneous Activity
Salvation Army bell ringing raised $1000.

Sixty-five students helped with the Spring City Cleanup where 90 bags of trash were collected.

The Student Association discussed alcohol awareness and feel that modifications need to be made to the existing program. A couple of ideas mentioned were a fact sheet and computer quiz given to students before registration; the Alcohol and College Life course being mandatory; and medical amnesty.

Campus Athletic Committee: Jeff Maahs,
UMD Athletics has left the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NCIS) largely due to level of competition. The North Central Conference offers a higher level of competition for UMD’s athletes.

Agenda items (can communication be improved regarding class absences due to athletics, tracking of athlete’s academic progress be improved) have been set for fall 2007.

Physical Facilities Committee: Christina Gallup
Campus parking
Faculty are able to purchase parking passes before they leave campus for the summer. About 140 designated reserved spaces will be renumbered. Lot P will be renamed.

Chester Park School staff will be returning to campus in August of 2007.

The Labovitz School of Business & Economics is hopeful for a fall 2008 completion date. Life Science renovation has a completion date of fall 2007. Contact Bob Krumwiede if you have any campus spaces issues or questions.

Educational Policy Committee: Richard Davis, Chair
The committee approved the addition of a statement to the Uniform Syllabus Policy guidelines. For the Statement on Student Academic Integrity Policy, see: HYPERLINK ""

Liberal Education Task Force was appointed in December 2006 to consider recommendations of the liberal education subcommittee on future directions for liberal education at UMD.

Subcommittee Changes
Academic Administration will work with Instructional Development Services to appoint a new Advisory Board with a representative from each collegiate unit.

The Academic Integrity subcommittee was formed to draft an academic integrity policy that was completed and implemented in 2005. The subcommittee has fulfilled its charge. EPC voted to dissolve the subcommittee.

No specific policy will be created for inappropriate use of electronic devices in class. Faculty should address this issue in the course syllabi.

Ratio of Higher Ranked Faculty, Richard Davis, Chair Educational Policy Committee
EPC was asked to review the ratio of tenured/tenure-track faculty; specifically the extent to which the ratio of full professors and associate professors compared to assistant professors is appropriate to satisfy our mission. Recommendations included implementing a stronger mentorship program for faculty who choose to stay as well as implementing a systematic exit interview at the collegiate level with faculty who choose to leave. It was also noted that increased mentorship at the associate level might be beneficial.

Amend Constitution/Bylaws
Lynn Hegrenes discussed the voting process utilized to amend the Constitution/Bylaws in regard to Civil Service and Professional Staff positions. After many on-line voting attempts, we did not reach the 2/3 majority needed to pass the request.

5. CHANCELLOR REPORT, Kathryn A. Martin
The Chancellor called for a moment of silence for Virginia Tech. Chancellor thanked Greg Fox, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations and UMD campus police for their part in working with the media.

Legislative Session
Senator Tom Rukkavina, Chair of the Higher Education budget bill is working for additional dollars to compensate UMD for dollars lost due to tuition banding (does not result in budget loss).

Labovitz School of Business & Economics
The current space will be utilized for long distance education programs by the department of Education and the College of Human Service Professions. There is HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) work to be completed in order to use the area for on-line and distance education.

The College of Human Service Profession’s Doctorate (EDD) has been approved and will be offered

University Education Association
The University is hopeful that the contract will pass.

Bohannon Hall
The decision has yet to be made as to the occupants of Bohannon Hall.

Chancellor Martin gave thanks to Bruce Gildseth, Vice Chancellor of Academic Support and Student Life as he will be retiring in July 2007 with 30 years of service. He has made an enormous contribution to the
UMD campus.

Chancellor gave thanks to Meghan Keil for her work as Student Association President and student representative to the University Board of Regents.

Meeting adjourned 2:45 p.m.
Wendy J. Larrivy, Clerk of Campus Assembly

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