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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly April 11, 2006

Approved 11/21/06




Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B



Rick Hoffman, Chair, Executive Committee called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. 

Committee members were reminded to sign the attendance sheet.


A motion for approval of the November 22, 2005, minutes was seconded and passed.


Below are highlights of Committee activity.  For further information, the committee reports are located in the Library.


Executive Committee:  Rick Hoffman, Chair

Professional Staff Council

The Council requested that the Campus Assembly Constitution/Bylaws be revised to reflect updated membership requirements that would include all administrative professional and civil service staff unless otherwise represented.


Money for Excellence

A President Bruininks initiative to award faculty excellence.  Justification followed strict guidelines that included excellence, retention, teaching achievements and/or other exceptional qualities.


Binge Drinking

The University is continuing to work on binge drinking programs, initiatives, and interventions through the student government, freshman orientation, and focus groups with follow up discussions.


ECCA Elections

Linda Miller Cleary was elected as chair and Lynn Hegrenes was elected vice chair.


Budget Committee:  Greg Fox, Chair

Stadium Apartments

Demolition of Stadium Apartments 1320 and 1330 will occur in the year 2010.  By adhering to a few updates with the sprinkling system, vacating the fourth floor, and upgrading smoke and fire alarms will enable these apartments to be kept open until that time.


Founders Opportunity Scholarship

Making a commitment to low-income students, the University will guarantee four years of free tuition and fees to Minnesota undergraduates who meet University admission requirements.  This program will be fully implemented in four years and will include about $1.2m.  To qualify, students need to be from Minnesota, attend school full time and qualify for a Pell Grant.


Student Affairs Committee:  Meghan Keil, representative

Bulldog Taxi Program

Jen Kiewatt is working with the Twin Cities Risk Management department on an insurance issue related to this program.


March Food Drive / Spring City Clean-up

Student Association and Chi Alpha are organizing a food drive for all student groups to compete and win prize money for their organization.  Kari Johnson, Better Neighbors Director, is working with Facilities Management to organize another city clean up for student groups as well.


Student Drinking

A new brochure encouraging parents to discuss the dangers of not drinking responsibly with their sons and daughters will be distributed at UMD’s spring orientation.  Just over 100 freshmen have registered for the new Alcohol and College Life course (SOC 1400).





Campus Athletic Committee:  Jeff Maahs, Chair

Early Athlete Registration

The Educational Policy Committee has approved an early registration for athletes’ policy.


The committee is preparing for the NCAA self-study.  This study is an internal survey (created by NCAA) given to individuals who are involved with the athletic department.  The survey is designed to assess the policy and procedures currently in place.


Physical Facilities Committee:

No representative available to discuss activity report. 


Educational Policy Committee:  Jerry Pepper, Chair

Repeating Courses

Effective summer 2006 there will be a policy change regarding repeating a course within the University of Minnesota system and outside of the system.


Proposal to amend Constitution/Bylaws

Rick Hoffman stated that there is a need to revise the constitution/bylaws to reflect appropriate membership language in regard to the Professional Staff Council.  A vote by ballot will be sent to all Campus Assembly members later in the Spring of 2006. 


Questions from the floor regarding the Amendment to the Constitution:

 - How large is the group of non-represented?  Answer:  36 people;

 - How is “fulltime” defined?  Answer:  Fulltime is inclusive of 9 and 12 month;

 - Is there any known opposition?  Answer:  No known opposition as it’s simply a matter of  inclusion. 

After discussion, there was a unanimous agreement by the voting members present to move this issue into a subsequent ballot.


5.           FOR INFORMATION

              Chancellor’s Ad Hoc Parking Committee Report

              The Committee found no real campus support for the building of a parking deck or ramp on campus. The        Committee made 15 recommendations to the Chancellor some of which are:



              Revenue from parking stays on campus to pay for snow removal.


There are still meetings on parking issues – Joe Michela, Director of Auxiliary Services, will be meeting with the Dean of the Medical School to discuss issues related to their designated reserve spaces.


              Bus ridership continually increases.  A five-year contract with the DTA has been signed.  The Jefferson           buses that run to and from the Cities have been full.


6.           FOR INFORMATION

              Tiffany Varilek and Meghan Keil presented their experiences in Dubai while they attended a conference          entitled, Women as Global Leaders.


              They will also have a Brown Bag presentation on Monday, April 17th at noon in the Library Rotunda.






              Chester Park School

              We have a signed purchase agreement.


              A few options for the school:  keep swing space in case it’s needed because of the Life Science        Renovation or other future renovations elsewhere on campus; house programs that need a public            entrance (i.e. music lessons); possibly relocating the people that are in the “old campus” building.


              Snowmobile Competition

              UMD students placed second in a competition for building a cleaner and quieter snowmobile.


              UMD Jazz

              The UMD Jazz Group has been accepted to perform in Montero Switzerland, and North Sea              Rotterdam.  There were 50 applications with only 8 being accepted.  Each group is selected by sending a         tape of their music.  It is a great honor for our students to have been selected.



              Chancellor Martin, Allison Boddy (student), and Andrew Heieie (student) traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to     volunteer their time working on a NCAA sponsored Habitat for Humanity House.


              Planning document

              At the fall 2005 campus assembly meeting we discussed the strategic planning document.  This will be         completed before the Regents meeting in June.


              Lobby Day

              Sixty to seventy students attended the Legislative Lobby Say.  On the bus, a folder is given to each student               describing the issues, legislatures, etc. and the information is reviewed on the ride to the Cities.  Chancellor               Martin heard many comments as to how focused our students were on the issues.  Champ was also in          attendance.


              LSBE will break ground in late July or early August.


              Binge Drinking

              The Executive Committee discussed what to do about the binge drinking on campus.  If students get to          the age of 25, they will survive binge drinking.  At Freshman Orientation,          Chancellor Martin will be inviting a             student to speak about the dangers of not drinking responsibly.  Tiffany Varilek and the student government     are working on helpful strategies as well.


              Chancellor Martin ended her report by thanking all students, faculty, and staff for their dedication in    making UMD successful.



Meeting adjourned 3:20 p.m.

Wendy J. Larrivy, Clerk of Campus Assembly

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