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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly November 9, 2004


April 12, 2005




Tuesday, November 9, 2004

2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B




Mark Harvey, Vice Chair Executive Committee, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. 



A motion for approval of the April 13, 2004, minutes was seconded and passed.



Budget Committee:  Greg Fox, Chair

1.    The committee is concerned about the number of fees and the administrative costs of having fees rather than a single charge for tuition.  Also, there are reservations about the current process of accepting new fees.
2.    The committee questions the impact on attendance from the total cost of fees, as well as, the impact of Student Service Fee increases.
3.    With respect to technology, the committee questions whether the CLA technology fee will decrease because of the laptop requirement and questions the process of determining whether an ITSS student lab is necessary and how it is paid for.

Vice President for Budget & Finance Richard Pfutzenreuter updated committee members on the state budget.  There is a budget problem and the Legislature will be asked to fund a 50/50 partnership with the University.  Each party would contribute $42 million each year of the biennium. 


The bonding bill not passed last year will come before the Legislature again. The same buildings (LSBE, Rec Sports Facility, Life Science) with the capital request amounts adjusted to reflect increased costs due to the delay will be presented again by the University.



Educational Policy Committee:  Bill Payne, Chair

1.  A new Academic Integrity Policy continues to be discussed.

2.    Enrollment patterns in 5xxx level courses for graduates and advanced juniors and seniors have shown freshmen and sophomores are registering.  Some 5xxxx level courses have no graduate students.  The Graduate Council is discussing and will report back to EPC.
3.    Ratio of Tenured and Tenure-track to “other” faculty appointments.  Bill Payne suggested reading the attached EPC Activity Report for more information.
Executive Committee:  Mark Harvey, Vice Chair of the Executive Committee
1.    Athletic Committee requested from ECCA the right to add a student athlete rep to the committee and monitor the two-year trial period for out-of-sequence registration.
ECCA sent memo in agreement with the Athletic Committee’s requests.
2.    Chancellor Martin will continue to pursue the objective of obtaining UMD observer-status on the All-University Honors Committee.
3.    UMD obtained Westmorelandflint to provide UMD with a new image campaign and for creative concepts.




Physical Facilities Committee:  Jim Shearer spoke for Physical Facilities Committee Chair Bob Krumwiede who was absent.

1.    Campus Master Plan
2.    Rock Pond drained and is filling up naturally. The exotic species have been eliminated.
3.    Continuous discussions on parking.

Student Affairs Committee:  Bruce Gildseth

 1.   A committee meeting is scheduled for November 29 and a chair will be elected.
2.   Kirby Student Center Constitution has been revised.

Campus Athletic Committee:  Mark Harvey spoke for Athletic Committee Chair John Keener who was absent.

1.    Discussed mechanisms for obtaining adequate input from student athletes; and procedures for monitoring the impact of the two-year trial early registration system.
3.    The committee is exploring scheduling issues related to membership in the NCC and tournament play in the NCAA.




On a non-recurring basis the travel funds taken last year from Central Administration will be returned.


Fuel cost is a big issue.  Natural gas is approximately $400,000 higher this year.  Facilities Management has worked to use fuel oil at a savings while trying to negotiate with the City of Duluth for a good natural gas contract.


Capital Projects

Labovitz Design – proceeding with selection of architect and design

Recreational Facility – waiting for legislative action

Renovation of Life Science Building – waiting for legislative action


The Kirby Student Center and Multicultural Center are complete.  Chancellor Martin thanked the students for their role in these projects.


            Child Care Center should be close to opening in spring semester 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Wendy J. Larrivy, Clerk of Campus Assembly

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