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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly April 12, 2005

APPROVED 11/16/05




Tuesday, April 12, 2005

2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B



Rick Hoffman, Chair, Executive Committee, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. 

Members were reminded to sign the attendance sheet.


A motion for approval of the November 9, 2004, minutes was seconded and passed.


Below are highlights of the Committee activity.


Executive Committee:  Rick Hoffman, Chair
1.    Recommended that the Campus Master Plan, Academic Integrity Policy, and the Appropriate Use of Information Technology document be added to the Campus Assembly docket for the Spring 2005 meeting.
2.    The Campus Athletic Committee requested that the instructor responsibilities language in the Excused Absence Policy be revised. The intent being that the student athlete and the instructor communicate schedules in a timely fashion.  This issue was referred to the Educational Policy Committee.


Budget Committee:  Harry Zabrocki, representative

1.    Auxiliary Services:  Kirby Plaza remodeling was centered around the newly opened bus hub and is functioning well.  Jefferson Lines run a bus through UMD to the Twin Cities.  The Print Shop’s new location in Kirby Plaza is very beneficial.
2.    The Governor’s Budget is looking good however, there will be nothing definite until late May.  Capital Budget was favorable.  The Rec Sports Facility addition and the Life Science renovation requests have been confirmed.
3.    Parking:  Expansion of pay lot “G” added 60 spaces, the “S” lot across St. Marie Street added some space and lot “P” was repaved (lighting, paving, curbing).  Plans for Summer 2005 include repaving the “Q” lot with new curb and storm water handling systems, adding parking (approx. 75 spaces) on the two new Gold Street lots and expanding meters.


Student Affairs Committee:  Eric Weldy, representative

1.    Tiffany Varilek was elected Chair of the Student Affairs Committee.  Tiffany is also the President of the Student Association.
2.    Plaza Food Court:  Students want a salad and sandwich bar.  Auxiliary Services has met with the students and are working together to resolve these issues.
3.    Parking: Students want to know the short- and long-term plan for addressing the limited parking space issue.
4.    Discussion on availability and price of student hockey tickets.  Discussions have occurred with Intercollegiate Athletics.

Campus Athletic Committee:  John Keener, Chair

1.    The Committee has received data from the registrar’s office regarding early registration for athletes and is meeting on April 22, 2005, to discuss.
2.    The Athletic Committee initiated the Excused Absence Policy revisions that will be discussed in the Educational Policy Committee report.


Physical Facilities Committee:  Bob Krumwiede, Chair

1.    This committee oversees the development of our campus.
2.    Parking:  Discussions focused on the present parking situation and how it relates to the Campus Master Plan and campus planning.

Educational Policy Committee:  Bill Payne, Chair

1.    The Excused Absence Policy was revised to reflect new language under the Instructor Responsibilities.  “Instructors must inform students during the first week of classes whether scheduled absences will be considered excused absences based on their attendance policy, and whether the student will be allowed to make up work missed.”
2.    4xxx and 5xxx level courses:  An Ad Hoc Committee recommended that departments self-monitor their use of 4x and 5x level course designations and asked that administration bring this request forward to the deans.
3.    Intro to College Learning:  Admissions, Retention and Graduation subcommittee has been asked to assess this course (course syllabi, existing aggregated data, pedagogical objectives).



1.    Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information Technology:  Bill Payne, Chair Educational Policy Committee stated that minor changes were made to the above policy and moved that this revised policy be accepted.


Discussion – Eileen Zeitz questioned what the revisions were as the document is in its draft final form without revision marks. 
Linda Deneen, Director Technology Systems/Services, stated that the current policy does not include the current problems that ITSS has been encountering such as spam, file sharing, viruses, etc.  The revisions made to this policy were issues that have affected the University already.  The “old” policy is on the Web at this time if anyone wants to view what the revisions were.
A motion for approval of the Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information Technology was seconded and approved as written.



2.    Student Academic Integrity Policy:  Bill Payne, Chair Educational Policy Committee
       moved that this policy be accepted.
Discussion – None


A motion for approval of the Student Academic Integrity Policy was seconded and approved as written.  There were two abstentions.


3.    Campus Master Plan:  Bob Krumwiede, Chair, Physical Facilities Committee
       explained that the update of the Campus Master Plan for the next five years needs to be approved.  Oslund & Associates representative, Misa Inoue, attended the meeting to answer any questions that the campus community may have and led a brief discussion of the Master Plan.  The Campus Assembly Physical Facilities Committee, the City of Duluth Planning Office and City District Planning Group have reviewed the proposal.  Two open forums were held on campus for comments and the update is on the UMD website.
Discussion:  Pam Griffin asked if the City of Duluth had any concerns.  Misa Inoue stated that there were two meetings with the city planners and traffic engineers and both groups were positive and reinforced their support of UMD’s proposal.  The city and UMD will continuously keep each party updated as to any changes affecting the Master Plan.
Chancellor Martin asked Misa Inoue to state the differences between the updated 2005 Master Plan and the 2000 Master Plan. In the 2000 Plan, it was suggested that
St. Marie Street be moved and curve around campus.  The City didn’t care for that idea.  In the 2005 Plan it’s proposed that St. Marie Street be left in its current state.
There are three new projects:  Kirby Drive needs to be relocated for the addition to the Labovitz School of Business and Economics.  A main entrance to UMD off Woodland Avenue will be created.  The boundaries on Brainerd Avenue might need to be adjusted. In that area, if land were to come up for sale, UMD would be able to bid and purchase the property.


Other features of the 2005 plan include:  Woodland entrance road with two possible alignments (through Chester Park); housing expansion as shown in 2000 plan; long-term expansion possibility area as shown in 2000 plan; ring road concept for academic district; possible widening of Tischer Creek through campus; consideration for parkway for storm water management; existing library road to remain; possible ramp on north side of library road; two additional sports fields; possible site for American Indian Resource Center on northwest side of library; expanded regents boundary along Brainerd Avenue; relocation of old main arches to main campus; St. Marie Street to maintain the current straight alignment; stadium expansion and renovation.
Dan Hartman asked what UMD would do with the land near Brainerd Avenue/Buffalo Street.  If it comes up for sale, UMD will put in a bid along with everyone else.  This possibly could be used as a placeholder for future parking.
A motion for approval of the Campus Master Plan 2005 was seconded and approved as updated.  There were two abstentions.
Jim Shearer spoke on a future issue in regard to the Campus Master Plan.  The City would like to add a secondary entrance off Kirby Drive exiting North through to Arrowhead Road.  Chancellor Martin stated that the Chancellor’s Group decided that for this entrance to be considered the city must do the following: 

pay for the entrance

meet the University design standards

maintain and build the entrance

solve issues such as the ski trails, etc. that will be disrupted

complete an impact study

Bill Payne recommended that the Outdoor Rec Committee be involved in the future discussion and that the University proceeds carefully; this is beautiful land.  Chancellor Martin reinforced her earlier words that an impact study would be done before this occurred.

Chancellor Martin thanked ECCA, Student Association and all Committee members for their efforts in the past year in bringing forward action items and other issues relating to the campus.


The ribbon cutting ceremony for the Child Care Center is on Friday, April 15.  Dean Paul Deputy and the College for Education and Human Services are running the Child Care Center with their Early Childhood Program.


Chancellor Martin thanked the Facilities staff (Vice Chancellor Greg Fox, John King, John Rashid).  There is a house on the corner of Woodland Avenue and College that UMD purchased.  Generally when any university purchases a house, it is demolished because it costs too much money to bring the house up to code.   VC Greg Fox, however, had been in contact with the Women in Transitional Housing organization (helps women with children find housing).   The house is now up to code and on Friday, April 15, a single mother and six children will be occupying the home.  We will be leasing the house to the organization. This is a success story for UMD. 


Chester Park School

UMD is in negotiations with the School Board with regard to Chester Park School.  We are making no particular plans for that facility if it is acquired by UMD.  The Superintendent of Schools has been authorized to deal with us as the sole purchaser of that facility so at the moment we are not in competition with any other parties.  That could change if the School Board wants to sell the property at a significantly higher price than what we can pay.  We already own the Chester Park parking lot and lease it to the School Board for $1.00 a year.



Three hundred spaces x 15k = the cost of a parking ramp. We have to address the following questions:

            How much more is someone willing to pay to park if they were to have a reserved         place in a parking ramp?


These are just some of the questions that we need to answer in the next 6-8 months.


Strategic Positioning

Chancellor Martin sent out a memo addressed to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads that outlines the University of Minnesota’s strategic positioning process.  A 75-page position paper is available. A couple of pages reflect the coordinate campuses.  What was recommended are issues that we have been working on with the Twin Cities already; such as, a new budget system whereas we budget our priorities and keep money at our campus partnering with the community; how we begin economic development activities; and the method for setting enrollment targets.


2010 Action Strategy

We are working on a UMD strategic positioning paper which will focus as far down as the department level and how departments fit it to the collegiate unit and to the campus as a whole.  An Academic priority is to continually provide the support for our advising program so that it will strengthen and maintain the program.


The Campus Sports and Rec Facility went out on bid this week.   The ROTC will be relocating to the Print Shop and the Quonset will be taken down.


Chancellor Martin thanked the students, staff, and faculty for all their work and involvement in these projects and their patience.  As more facilities are being built, more road detours around campus will be erected.


Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


Wendy J. Larrivy, Clerk of Campus Assembly







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