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 Minutes of the Campus Assembly November 11, 2003


April 13, 2004



Tuesday, November 11, 2003

2:00 p.m. Kirby Ballroom B




The fall semester 2003 Campus Assembly meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by chair Helen Mongan-Rallis. All individuals present are given an opportunity to speak, but only Campus Assembly members are entitled to offer a motion or to vote on any issue.



A motion for approval of April 8, 2003 minutes was seconded and passed.



A motion for acceptance of the standing committee reports was seconded and passed.


In regard to the Educational Policy Committee information report, the last sentence in the paragraph entitled, “Proposed Campus Policy on Technology” states, “A report from that subcommittee to EPC is expected later in the year .” Chancellor Martin requests an actual date as Later in the year could either be the academic year or calendar year. Chris Carroll, the EPC representative, will pass Chancellor Martin's request on to the committee.





The Chancellor had four points to discuss:


1)   The Chancellor thanked everyone for their patience during campus construction projects.


2)   The parking lots that were under construction are now open. There are 40 more parking places than last year. Increasing numbers of people are riding the bus to and from the University. Chancellor Martin commented that parking fees would at least triple if the University were to build a parking ramp.


•  Campus Honors program is up and running. Anna Marie Roos is doing a fine job – students are involved in the Honors program from each collegiate unit. Application forms have been sent out for honor's courses for next year. As the program gets up and running we will be in a position to look at societies. The purpose of this program is to recognize the talent and quality of the students and faculty already here at UMD.


•  In regard to the capital agenda the legislature meets in February 2004. Eight million will be requested for the campus recreational facility. The students have done a great job with this project. The committee is in the active design phase of the facility and working with architects. This facility will be a joint use with the Athletic Department and campus recreational activities with a cross over space used by both groups. Chancellor Martin thanked the students for their leadership.



The Chancellor introduced Dan Hartman, President of the Student Association. Dan informed the Assembly about a current issue with the City Council on off-campus student housing. The City is proposing an ordinance that would limit student housing off campus tremendously, cut down on off-street parking and allow fewer students to rent within a home. Rental houses possibly might need to be 300 feet apart, which would leave approximately one rental house per block. Chancellor Martin stated that there is a need to make sure that any ordinances passed by the city deal with students' safety and the decisions have to be fair – safety is critical.


The Chancellor's Group has put together a list of questions for the city council (i.e. can existing rental houses be grandfathered and to what extent).




Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Wendy J. Larrivy

Clerk of Campus Assembly

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