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Diverse and Exciting Campus

Through programming, the Commission on Equity, Race, & Ethnicity (CERE) creates challenging learning settings and offers personal growth opportunities for all students.

Students at the APAA talent show

Mission Statement

The Commission on Equity Race & Ethnicity (CERE) works to create an equitable campus community for people of all racial, ethnic, and intersecting identities through education and institutional change.

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Eight reasons why diversity matters at college:

  1. Diversity expands worldliness
  2. Diversity enhances social development.
  3. Diversity prepares students for future career success.
  4. Diversity prepares students for work in a global society.
  5. Interactions with people different from ourselves increase our knowledge base.
  6. Diversity promotes creative thinking.
  7. Diversity enhances self-awareness.
  8. Diversity enriches the multiple perspectives.

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