COIL Courses

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An update with more recent info on courses will be coming soon.

Instructor at UMDCoursePartner Institution, Locationinstructor at Partner InstitutionAdditional Information
Aparna KatreCUE 1001: Intro to Cultural Industries & Creative EconomyOcean University, Qingdao, China CUE 1001
Amy VersnikHLTH 3115: Consumer HealthNottingham Trent University, UK, and othersDr. Linda Gibson, Health & Social Care 
Andrew SnustadSPAN 2301 UNACH, Chiapas, Mexico

Damian Martinez Villatoro

Discussed in April 2017 COIL Panel at UMD
David SyringANTH 3156: Digital and Participatory Methods Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Marcos Algara Siller

CLA Learning Experiences article on the project
Andrew SnustadSPAN 1202UNACH, Chiapas, MexicoDamian Martinez VillatoroCLA Learning Experiences article on the project
Dan NolanGER 2301University of Potsdam, GermanyIrina Slot
Aparna KatreCUE 1111 - Creative Problem SolvingPartners in MoroccoTBA
Dana LindamanFR 1101 - Beginning FrenchPartners in MoroccoTBA
Dan NolanJoint Program with University of Wisconsin Superior and The College of St. ScholasticaPetrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk, RussiaAlexandra Smirnova, Yuiiya Petrovskaya, Larissa Boychenko

Group presentation on project at COIL Conference