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UROP Funding - UMD CLA

UROP Funding

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Funding Information

UROPs are funding opportunities intended to support undergraduate research by supplying modest financial backing to subsidize research time and expenses. UROPs are funded twice yearly by UM central administration. More information about UROP is available at CLA students should direct all questions to Dr. Olaf Kuhlke, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts (okuhlke or 726-7331). UROP coordinators for the other academic units are at

The following are UROPs that have been funded since 2005
Spring 2005 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Arlt, Sarah Evaluation and Assessment of UMD's Consumption and Emission Patterns $1,700 Mike Mageau
Brunello, Kate Renewable Energy on Campus $1,700 Steve Vanderheiden
Carpenter, Peter Study of the Duluth News Market $1,600 Drew Digby
Hartley, Mia Mexican Immigration and the use of Remittannces $1,636 Jennifer Jones
Johnson, Lynette Evaluation and Assessment of UMD's Consumption and Emission Patterns $1,700 Mike Mageau
Johnson, Rebecca Expectancy, Mood, and Motive: the Driving Forces Behind Alcohol Consumption in College Students $1,500 J. Clark Laundergan
Lindberg, Megan Dakota City $1,485 Eleanor Hannah
Lingl, Justin Modern Anti-Semitism and the French Press $1,700 Steven Matthews
Mohrbacher, Alex G.I.F.T.S. (Global Issues For Today's Students) $1,375 Dennis Falk
Pickar, Shantel Do Magazines Reflect the Influence or Values of Adolescent Girls? $1,570 Janelle Wilson
Sydejko, Jason Building a Windmap for NE Minnesota $1,560 Mike Mageau
Weilage, Drew An Investigation of Message Types in Corporate Blogs $1,629 Thomas Fediuk
Wilson, Christina War Bond Drives During WWII $1,700 Eleanor Hannah
Wojcik, Stefan Snapshop of a Developing Nation: Peru $1,700 Steve Vanderheiden
total funds: $22,555
Fall 2005 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Ewald, Brett Archaeological Debitage Analysis of Harriet Jones Site $1,512 Jennifer Jones
Irwin, Jessica Capturing the Light Spectra of Binary Star Systems and Bright Galaxies $1,700 Howard Mooers
Johnson, Bryn The Evolution of Welsh Nationalism During the English Civil War $1,700 Steven Matthews
Wolden, Caleb Particle-Size Analysis of Archaeologically Significant Sibun River Valley Soils $1,700 Pat Farrell
total funds: $6,612
Spring 2006 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Brockman, Matthew The role, aspects and symbolic meanings of Monsters,Creatures, and Minor Deities in Classical Mythology $881 Eve Browning
Handegaard, Matthew Creating Community at Drop $1,430 Bruce Mork
Hughes, Erin Geo-physical Survey of Plataia $300 Ron Marchese
Irving, Laura Archaeological Study of Maya in Sibun River Valley, Belize, Using Soil Organic Matter Analysis $1,470 Pat Farrell
Mertes, Aaron Understanding Religious
$1,265 Jason Ford
Messing, Vladimir Nietzsche and the Ancient Greeks $1,250 Jason Ford
Ostrander, Mindy L'Interpretation des Fables de Jean de La Fontaine $1,478 Milan Kovacovic
Paulson, Amanda The Threat of Acid Deposition in Freshwater Lakes of Northern Minnesota $1,380 Pat Farrell
Quinn, Katie Multivariate Analysis of Alchohol Consumption and Consequences of UMD
Students: Differences in Students Under 21 and Students 21 and Over
$1,425 J Clark Laundergan
Sather, Jeanna Richard I. Bong World War II Heritage Center Exhibition Planning and Research Assistant $1,400 Eleanor Hannah
Shelton, Ashleigh A content analysis of online college social network use $1,500 Paul Skalski
Tabatt, Zachary Tlatelolco: 1968 to the Present, in History, Politics and Literature $1,700 Eileen Zeitz
total funds: $15,479
Fall 2006 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Farchmin, Kurt The Health Care of Diabetes in Germany and the United States: a Comparison Study $1,570 Gesa Zinn
Maki, Alexander Movements Towards Campus Sustainability $1,646 Steve Vanderheiden
Peters, Stacy Measuring Campus Sustainability: a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory $1,680 Steve Vanderheiden
Wojcik, Stefan Campus Sustainability Project $1,332 Steve Vanderheiden
total funds: $6,228
Spring 2007 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
David, Anne Marijuana Use and Conceptions of Race in Contemporary Cinema $1,455 Michael Pfau
Day, Sarah Nominal Uniformity and its Cognitive Implications $1,630 Chongwon Park
Entinger, Nicholas Economic Feasibility Study of Wind Turbine Installation at Lutsen Mountain $1,530 Mike Mageau
Hinn, Renee The Contested Shore: Land Use Conflict as an Arena of Place-Making $1,630 David Syring
Jamison, Tatiana Knowledge and Nonconceptual Content $1,405 Mark Newman
McLees, Matt Geographies of Hate - Examining the Contemporary Geographic Patterns of white Supremacism in the United States $1,430 Olaf Kuhlke
Meiners, Jonathan Labor Migration Patterns of Male Deployment from Sri Lanka to Overseas Destinations $1,430 Olaf Kuhlke
Nagell, Peter Knowledge of Rights and its Affect on Student Tenants $1,590 Mary Currin-Percival
Nelson, Zachary Bridging the Atlantic: From Finland to Minnesota $1,520 Eleanor Hannah
Thurnau, Kody Changes of Wildland-Urban Interface in Duluth, Minnesota $1,470 Olaf Kuhlke
total funds: $15,090
Fall 2007 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Burns, Ellen The Effectiveness of Grammar Education in Five Minnesota High Schools $1,700 Chongwon Park
Johnson, Sheila Second Language Acquisition and its Application to Teaching Spanish in the USA $1,700 Eileen Zeitz
McDonnell, Joseph The Changing Role of Literature in a Modern Technological Society $1,510 John Schwetman
McKnight, Melody Cuba: Manifestations of Reality $1,700 Eileen Zeitz
Noll, Matthew Effects of Acid Rain on Four Soil Types in England $1,600 Pat Farrell
Peyton, Aili The Effectiveness of Explicit and Implicit Apology Cue Messages $1,700 Ryan Goei
Salo, Nick North Shore Wind Monitoring and Mapping $1,700 Mike Mageau
Schobert, Andrew The Necessity of Determinism: Our Conceptual Limitations $1,100 David Cole
Sunderland, Brody Evaluating the Economic Feasibility of Wind Turbine Use on the North Shore $1,700 Mike Mageau
Wanderski, Jeffrey The Effect of Acid Rain on Four Soil Types of Great Britain $1,700 Pat Farrell
Whalen, Erica The Art of J.M.W. Turner and its Effect on British Soldiers on the Western Front in World War I $1,500 Alexis Pogorelskin
total funds: $17,610
Spring 2008 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Brown Bull, Darrell Litigating Justice: Lakota Oral History and the Black Hills $1,700 Scott Laderman
Carlson, Jenna Film Versus Family: The Hollywood Image of Prohibition contrasted with the Lived Experience of a Midwestern Family $1,700 Janelle Wilson
Finley, Morgan Jeremy Bentham and Communication After Death $1,700 David Gore
Hellekant, Bo Voting Rights in Territorial Minnesota $1,700 Eleanor Hannah
Jodarski, Nicole The Paradox of the Liberal-Religious Paradigm in Contemporary Spain $1,700 Maureen Tobin-Stanley
Knezevich, Ruth Defining Dativity $1,700 Chongwon Park
Ness, Benjamin The Lord Protector's Philo-Semitism: Oliver Cromwell and the Readmission of the Jews $1,700 Steve Matthews
Scherer, Danielle Philosophical Theories of Happiness from Western Thought: Is the Concept of Happpiness Relative or Objective? $1,554 Eve Browning
Willis, Sarah "Hinterhofmoscheen": The Hidden Islamic Culture of Germany $1,550 Gesa Zinn
total funds: $15,004
Fall 2008 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Costello, David Defining Intelligence: Melville's Whale and The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 $1,450 Jeffrey Hole
Flynn, Katyi Incorporating Secondary Agentivity in Conceptual Structure $1,700 Chongwon Park
Krenz, Allison Teaching "The Bard" 1809-2009: How Shakespeare Became an Integral Part of Modern American Education $1,700 Paul Cannan
Roth, Spencer The Pledge of Allegiance and Patriotism in the Classroom: An Analysis of K-12 Schools in the Duluth Area $1,700 John Hamlin
Swalboski, Jennifer Tactics & Strategies of Social Movements $1,380 Daniel Martin
Whalen, Erica Vera Brittain and the Lost Generation $1,450 Alexis Pogorelskin
total funds: $9,380
Spring 2009 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Karlson, Katelyn Obligatory Adjuncts in English and Spanish $1,700 Chongwon Park
Klobuchar, Nicole Discourses of "La Movida": Views and Trends on Post-Francoist Popular Culture $1,665 Jake Caceres-Garcia
Landgrebe, Dayna Community Journalism and Urban Media Studies in Duluth, Minnesota $1,700 John Hatcher
Overby, Danae The Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders in Minnesota: A Case Study of Woodland Hills, Duluth $1,700 John Arthur
Paine, Dana Hostility in the New Germany: Turks in Search of a Political and Cultural Identity $1,425 Michael Mullins
Pelovsky, Joshua Plataiai: Use of Science Technology into the Humanities $1,700 Ronald Marchese
Quillien, Jean-Baptiste Breton Rural Society of the Early 20th Century, as Seen Through Le Cheval d'Orgueil by Pierre Jakez-Helias $1,700 Milan Kovacovic
Watson, Katia English Possessive Construction $1,700 Chongwon Park
Welch, Jessica Toward a New Market: Ethnographic and Archival Research of the Duluth Farmer's Market $1,322 Kathryn Milun
Whalen, Erica Vera Brittain and the Canon of WWI Literature $1,700 Alexis Pogorelskin
total funds: $16,312
Fall 2009 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Anderson, Kristine English Compounding $1,700 Chongwon Park
Himebaugh, Amanda Patching the Holes in the Binding Principle $1,700 Chongwon Park
Kesti, Teri Why Women Cease to Breastfeed Earlier than the Recommended 6 Months $1,700 John Hamlin
Lobby, Samuel An Analysis of Governmental Influence Over its Markets vs The Health of Their Democracies: What Amount of Government Involvement is Necessary for Success? $1,400 Mike Mageau
Peterson, Erin The Affect of Age and Perceived Threat on the Weapon Focus Effect $1,700 John Arthur
Powers, Marcia The American Pin-Up: A History of Influence $1,700 Scott Laderman
Radecki, Simon Kitzz $1,700 Mark Stanfield
Siegert, Samantha A Comparative Study of Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada y Cien senetos de amor $1,400 Eileen Zeitz
Tennis, Mary She Would be a Soldier: Gender Performance and American Identity on the Early American Stage $1,700 Rochelle Zuck
Tholl, Collin Blake and the East: Raising into a Perception of the Infinite $1,400 Carol Bock
Woodworth, Blaise Marxist Jurisprudence: A Construction and Analysis $1,545 Tristram McPherson
total funds: $17,645
Spring 2010 Funding
Name Project Title Amt Advisor
Ausmus, Brett Iron Range 2010: Who's Coming and Who's Going? $1,700 Adam Pine
Bassett, Rachel The Paradox of Spain's Unity through Diversity as Seen in a Selection of Film and Literature $1,500 Maureen Tobin-Stanley
Beutz, Jason Iron Range 2010: Who's Coming and Who's Going? $1,682 Adam Pine
Boettcher, Alexis Effects of Campus Involvement on GPA $1,650 Melissa Walls
Brey, Elizabeth In Defense of Fanfiction: Representative Texts from a Misread Genre $1,700 Juli Parrish
Dubbels, Kristofer Connected Dissent: The Use of Network Technology by Social Movements $1,700 John Hamlin
Fuhrman, Kelsey Human Sex Trafficking in Duluth: A Study of the Current Situation, Contributing Factors and Appropriate Adverse Action $1,556 Beth Bartlett
Haymond, John American Victims of Stalin's Great Purge: The Experience of Emigres from Minnesota and Wisconsin in the Soviet Union, 1936-1938 $1,700 Ron Marchese/Alesis Pogorelskin
Kapala, Jeff Iron Range 2010: Who's Coming and Who's Going? $1,700 Adam Pine
Khoury, Sarah Effects of Campus Involvement on GPA $1,670 Melissa Walls
Kuehl, Clayton The Bloom of Creative Self: A Metatemporal Analysis of the Political Chomsky 1,693 Juli Parrish
Lipps, James The Quantifier "Most" and Pragmatic Halos $1,700 Chongwon Park
Montgomery, Jessica Iron Range 2010: Who's Coming and Who's Going? $1,700 Adam Pine
Nelson, Courtney The Category and Function Change of the English Particle "Like" $1,700 Chongwon Park
Perry, Shannon Activity Patterns at Hilltop East: Late Paleoindian through Late Archaic Occupation of the Fish Lake Dam Site $1,415 Sue Mulholland
Peterson, Kaitlin The Pagan Christian Woman: A Literary Analysis of the Impact of Christianity on the Famale Character $1,450 Krista Twu
Pexa, Kevin Iron Range 2010: Who's Coming and Who's Going? $1,700 Adam Pine
Rosen, David Iron Range 2010: Who's Coming and Who's Going? $1,700 Adam Pine
Sanford, Brittany Broken Windows: A Photographic Study $1,700 Jeffrey Maahs
Schmidley, Scott South African Community Reporting and Writing $1,700 John Hatcher
Schmiesing, Stacey How Accessible are Museums Today? A Study of the Accessibility of a French and a Swiss Museum for the Physically Disabled $1,700 Eve Browning
Setala, Nina The Effects of Joining the European Union on Spain $1,535 Andrew Snustad
Stromback, Cara A Piece of the Puzzle $1,700 Chongwon Park
Wojciechowski, Erin Understanding Women's Use of Violence Against Intimate Partners $1,700 Emily Gaarder
total funds: $39,651


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