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Past Programs


Genocide and Gender-Based Violence: Darfur, the Holocaust, and American Indians“A Tribute to Jack and Rochelle: Creating a Record of Holocaust
Survival" will be presented by Lawrence Sutton at 3:30 pm on Thursday, December 1 in Montague 80 at UMD.

A reception and book-signing follows the presentation in the lobby of the Marshall Performing Arts Center.

Lawrence Sutin and his parents, Jack and Rochelle Sutin, wrote Jack and Rochelle: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance, published in 1995 by Greywolf Press. Sutin, a Minnesota author and faculty member at Hamline University, will present his parents' stories as resistance fighters as well sharing insights on the collaborative undertaking. "As a writer, I want to be able to focus not only on their story, but on the process by which that story came to be written," Sutin said.

Jack and Rochelle Sutin, as Polish Jews, fled separately in 1942 from their respective ghettos, where they had been relocated by theGermans. Each hid in the woods; and, after harrowing encounters with anti-Semitic escaping Russian soldiers, Rochelle joined Jack's group of Jewish partisans (resistance fighters). Although mere acquaintances before the outbreak of war, Jack and Rochelle fell in love and together fought in the resistance movement, enduring near-starvation, disease and the constant threat of capture by Germans and Poles. They hid in dank underground bunkers or camps, often unaware of the outside world. After the war, the Sutins married and emigrated to the U.S.

The event is co-sponsored by the Royal D. Alworth, Jr. Institute for International Studies (Alworth Institute).

For more information contact Dr. Alexis Pogorelskin from the UMD History department at 726-7548 or


Genocide and Gender-Based Violence: Darfur, the Holocaust, and American Indians“Torture and the U.S.: Why Accountability Matters” will be presented by Allen Keller, at 3 pm on Oct 12, in Montague 80. The event is part of the lecture series presented by the Center for Genocide, Holocaust and Human Rights Studies.

Allen Keller is associate professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine, founder of the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, and director of the NYU School of Medicine Center for Health and Human Rights.

In the early 1990s, Keller conducted research on landmines in Cambodia. “I was going to a bunch of provincial hospitals, reviewing hospital records, documenting civilian casualties,” he says. “That work has so much shaped who I am as a physician, as a human rights advocate, as well as a person.”

Keller is recognized internationally as an expert in the documentation, evaluation and treatment of victims of torture and other human rights abuses. He has also conducted ground-breaking research on a variety of health and human rights concerns including the medical and social consequences of landmines, access to healthcare for prisoners and other questions of medical ethics. He is on the Advisory Board of Physicians for Human Rights.Allen Keller

Keller has received numerous awards for his work, including the Barbara Chester Award from the Hopi Foundation, the Eclipse Award from the Center for Victims of Torture, and in 2007, Keller was the recipient of New York University’s distinguished alumnus award.

For more information contact Dr. Alexis Pogorelskin from the UMD History department at 726-7548 or

Genocide and Gender-Based Violence: Darfur, the Holocaust, and American IndiansThe Center for Genocide, Holocaust and Human Rights Studies of UMD will host:
"Genocide and Gender-Based Violence: Darfur, the Holocaust, and American Indians"
on Sat. Oct. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Kirby Ballroom.
Light refreshments will be served.

Featured speakers include:

  • Holocaust scholar Dr. Elizabeth Baer, "Women in the Holocaust"
  • Dr. Ellen Kennedy from the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, "Gender-based Violence in Darfur"
  • Holocaust survivor Margo DeWilde
  • Suzanne Koepplinger from the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center, "Trafficking of American Indian Women"
  • American Indian trafficking survivor Christine Stark.

For more information contact Dr. Alexis Pogorelskin from the UMD History department at 726-7548 or

Kevin Spicer presents: Hitler's Priests: Catholic Clergy and the Nazis

Dr. Kevin Spicer gave a lecture entitled "Hitler's Priests: Catholic Clergy and the Nazis"
in the Library Rotunda (4th floor) @ 4:00 on Thursday, April 2. 2009

Of the over 9000 homeless in Minnesota, almost 40% are children

Hundreds of kids are alone and on the street every night

Homelessness is up 85% since 1991

Many are military veterans, including some who recently served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Many are mentally ill. Many are Native American.

Ending Long-Term Homelessness in Minnesota

6:30 pm, Monday, October 20, 2008, 118 LSBE, UMD Campus

A panel discussion on Minnesota’s homelessness crisis will feature Ellen Shelton, Wilder Foundation, St. Paul; Steve O’Neil, St. Louis County Commissioner; a formerly homeless citizen guest; and Daniel Williams, foreclosure counseling, Lutheran Social Services. Alexis Pogorelskin, UMD History Department Chair and Director of the Center for Genocide, Holocaust, and Human Rights Studies will serve as moderator. A question and answer session will follow. Co-sponsored by the Office of Civic Engagement and AAF Duluth/Superior (American Advertising Federation).

The event launched the Fall 2008 AAF Duluth/Superior scholarship competition where area advertising and marketing students are invited to to create an awareness campaign about homelessness. Six scholarships were awarded from $100 to $1200.

Event info: Alexis Pogorelskin,, 218 726-7548,

Heading Home Minnesota:

AAF Duluth/Superior Scholarship: OR

UMD Office of Civic Engagement:

Wilder 2007 Overview of Homelessness in Minnesota:[tt_news]=1963
Wilder homelessness research

more info...



David Larsen
David Larsen

"History of American Racism and How it Affects us as People"

David Larsen
Thursday, March 13 (2008) - 7 pm, Kirby Ballroom
Presented by the UMD Center for Genocide, Holocaust, and Human Rights Studies

“History of American Racism and How it Affects us as People.” David Larsen is a Dakota educator and elder, former Tribal Chairman of the Lower Sioux Community, Tribal Historian, and descendant of Chief Wapasha (Wabasha). He will discuss the plight of American Indians as the Civil War raged and western expansion spread. His words add the Native voice to understanding of Minnesota and American history. He brings the spirituality of the Dakota into his presentation, and emphasizes today's struggle in the Dakota community to preserve Dakota language and culture.

For more information:


Taner Akçam
Taner Akçam
Lou Ann Matossian
Lou Ann Matossian

Monday, November 30 (2007)
Over 1 million Armenians Exterminated

The UMD Center for Genocide, Holocaust, and Human Rights Studies will present a program entitled The Armenian Genocide at 3 p.m. on Friday, November 30 in the Library Rotunda. The speakers will be Lou Ann Matossian, program director of the Cafesjian Family Foundation and external affairs director of the Armenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota along with Taner Akçam, renowned Turkish scholar and author of the widely acclaimed A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility. Akcam teaches at the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota.

For more information:


Monday, October 15 (2007)
"Human Rights Issues and the American Indian Community"

A panel presented by the UMD Center for Genocide, Holocaust, and Human Rights Studies

Jim Northrup, writer and activist, Robert Powless, professor emeritus, American Indian Studies, UMD and Linda Grover, chair, American Indian Studies, UMD preseent human rights issues. For more information contact Center for Genocide, Holocaust, and Human Rights Studies:, 218-726-7548.
For more information:



Monday April 23 (2007)

Moritz Rabinowitz

Berit Reisel, Restitution Claims Committee, Oslo
Arnfinn Moland, Director, Resistance Museum, Oslo
Bjarte Bruland, Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious
Minorities, Restitution Claims Committee, Oslo
Irene Berman, child survivor
Irene Levin, child survivor


"Holocaust in Norway: Oral Testimonies" Berit Reisel and Irene Levin
"Destination Unknown" A Nina Grunfeld film
"The Man Who Loved Haugesund" A documentary on Occupied Norway

All events sponsored by the Center for Genocide, Holocaust, and Human
Rights Studies

For more information


Six events in the spring of 2006 inaugurated the Center:

  • Prof. Stephen Feinstein, Director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS) on the Twin Cities campus gave the inaugural lecture entitled "Art and Remembering" concerning art in response to the Holocaust.
  • The Center co-sponsored with the
    • Tweed Museum of Art and CHGS an exhibition of the clay art of Daisy Brand on Holocaust themes.
    • Alworth Institute for International Studies and the Baeumler Kaplan Holocaust
      Commemoration Committee a program entitled "From Genocide to Justice" about
      the genocide of Serbian Moslems in Srebrenica.
    • McKnight Summer Fellowship Program and the College of Liberal Arts a lecture by Associate Professor and Center Director, Alexis Pogorelskin, entitled "The Mortal Storm: Hollywood and its Opponents on the Eve of War."
  • The Center presented a
    • program with Bret Thiele and Mayra Gomez, internationally renowned human rights attorneys, entitled "Enforcing Economic and Social Rights: Global Experiences
    • screening of the documentary, The Armenian Genocide: 90 Years Later
  • In the fall of 2006, the Center
    • co-sponsored with the Alworth Institute a presentation on Darfur which included a screening of the documentary Darfur Diaries and discussion with one of its producers, the internationally acclaimed human rights activist, Jen Marlowe
    • presented a Forum on Torture with participants Meg Satterthwaite from the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice of the New York University School of Law and Peter Dross, Director of Development at the Center for Victims of Torture, St. Paul, MN
    • presented its first annual commemoration of Kristallnacht on November 9, 2006 with Dan Ross of Temple Israel in Duluth and Alexis Pogorelskin, Center Director, as speakers
    • presented a program entitled "The Holocaust and Genocide in Music" by Justin Rubin of the UMD Music Department.