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End of the Year Awards - Faculty Awards

CLA Teaching Awards

     Jean Farrell            Hilary Kowino

This award is given to faculty who demonstrate superior organization of course materials, who communicate effectively, who show enthusiasm for and outstanding knowledge of their subject and who demonstrate a respectful attitude toward their students, fairness and flexibility, as well as successful student outcomes.

For the last eleven years, Communication instructor Jean Farrell has taught Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking.  Her teaching philosophy focuses on creating a culture of respect in the classroom, emphasizing the pragmatic aspects of the course material, engaging students in the learning process, facilitating peer teaching, and critical thinking.  She is honored for her innovation in diversity education as reflected in her Bias as Baggage project where students confront their own biases through self-examination and reflection, as well as “a very creative assignment [with a] volunteer experience to help decrease student bias towards other individuals.”   A peer states that Jean “has a passion for teaching and an exceptional dedication to expand her students’ knowledge of diversity. She has worked tirelessly to bring in panels, articles, and hands-on activities to show-case issues of disparity that plague society.” And, “[Jean] creates a culture of learning, encourages self-reflection and shows enthusiasm for course content.”  Students clearly enjoy their interactions with her while simultaneously being transformed by her classes.  One student sums this up by stating, “She brought a smile every day to class, and her positivity was contagious.”

For the past four years, Assistant Professor of English, Hillary Kowino, has been an energetic, influential and inspirational teacher in the classroom.  He centers his teaching “on transformative learning about world citizenship, ethical values, and justice for develop globally competent citizens.”   A faculty member notes that “Professor Kowino’s pedagogical approach, interdisciplinary area of expertise, and, frankly, humanity, make him an excellent teacher and an invaluable asset to our college and campus.”  His courses in African, African diaspora, colonial, postcolonial and world literature introduce students to a diverse body of work that challenges them to think not only beyond themselves but more fully about themselves and the contributions they can make to improve the human condition.   As one student stated, “I still remember hearing Hilary lecture about the concept of becoming and that we don’t thus become something and are always in the state of becoming.”   Another notes, “You cannot force people to learn but you can create within them a passion for knowledge. That is what Professor Hilary Kowino does.”  Professor Kowino also strikes a balance between support for his students’ journey, both in their academic and personal life, and firmness about his expectations of them.  A peer comments that “[Hilary’s] teaching provides students with the rigor of high expectations and with challenging content while scaffolding skills that allow the students’ learning to be their own.”.

CLA Research Award

Maureen Tobin Stanley        John Hatcher

This award is conferred to faculty of the College on the basis of the quality and quantity of their publications released in the previous calendar year.

Maureen Tobin Stanley, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, is the winner of the CLA Research Award in the division of tenured faculty. She is recognized for her outstanding productivity during the given timeframe, with three articles and two co-edicted books of great significance to her field. As a professor of Spanish language and literature, Maureen's vast expertise comes through in her written works, showing her multifaceted research interests in the area of Spanish literary and cultural studies, especially concerning the theme of violence and of the Holocaust and its ties to Spain. Maureen's research is helping to fill the lacuna in the aforementioned topics, exposing that which is often times overlooked or covered up.

John Hatcher, Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing Studies, is the winner of the tenure-track CLA Research Award. His outstanding work in the field of Journalism has recently led him to publish a book that he co-edited, entitled Foundations of Community Journalism that also contains two of his articles. The book's international view on the relationship between the concept of community and the concept of journalism make this book one-of-a-kind, a book that some may say is well on its way to being a seminal work. In addition to John's work on his book, he has also seen success in other areas as well. He was elected by his colleagues to be the vice-chair/programming head for the Community Journalism Interest Group of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. This position, which begins in the fall, is very fitting in that it will allow John to continue to weave his research interests and his professional activities into a lovely tapestry of study in the field of Journalism.

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