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Center for Community and Regional Research

CCRR Guidelines for Community-based Grants - Center for Community and Regional Research - UMD CLA


CCRR Guidelines for Community-based Grants:

1) This is a new endeavor for CCRR. These proposed guidelines will be modified as this outreach effort evolves. Community-based research must involve issues of public policy, broadly defined, that include interaction with students, faculty or staff at UMD.


2) Proposed research must be conducted in cooperation with UMD students, faculty or staff.


3) Proposed research must include student researchers. The goal is to provide hands-on, practical experience to UMD students, therefore extending the classroom beyond the walls of UMD.


4) Typical amounts of funding have ranged from $2000 to $6500, but other amounts can be considered. Funding pays only for student time and related expenses. Proposals for projects that include matching monies (excluding in-kind matches) from organizations are strongly encouraged, but matching monies are not a requirement. Awards generally cover salary for research assistants, small stipends or travel monies.


5) Proposals must be submitted to the director as WORD files attached to an email.


6) At the close of a research project, a final report (in the form of a WORD or PDF file) must be submitted to the center director. This file will become part CCRR’s online report library.