University of Minnesota Duluth
University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Head

Dr. Elizabeth Minor
Office: 246A Chem, 211 RLB
Phone: 218-726-8056, 218-726-7097

Assistant Head

Dr. Steve Berry
Office: 152C SSB
Phone: 218-726-7087

Executive Secretary

Ms. Dawna Carlberg
Office: 246 Chem
Phone: 218-726-7979

Welcome to the Department of
Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department offers Baccalaureate degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to undergraduate students. At the graduate level, the Department offers Master's (MS) degrees in Chemistry. Upon graduation, our students are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and personal skills to make a significant and positive impact in the field and benefit their communities at the state, regional, and national levels.

The department is also committed to promoting the professional development of its faculty through active research, scholarship, networking opportunities, and mentoring. The expertise of our faculty spans a wide range of disciplines such as analytical, environmental, inorganic and organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, geochemistry and other specialties of study.


News and Events

Congratulations Faith Murphy!!

Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Senior, Faith Murphy, received the Minnesota Chromatography Forum Undergraduate Award (info on award here) for her Summer 2017 research! Way to go, Faith!

Pictured above: Dr. Melissa Maurer-Jones (UMD Assistant Professor), Faith Murphy (UMD Senior), and Dr. Tony Bogerding (UMD Alum).


Speaking in Siberia: Professor Viktor V. Zhdankin joined colleagues from across the world at an International Green Chemistry Seminar.


Bilin Tsai Honored

Professor Tsai has received the U of M President’s Award for Outstanding Service. Read her full story here.


A Curiosity of Chemistry

Triple major, Kaelt Simpson, found her path at UMD. See the full story at



Several of the Faculty and Staff in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department were recognized at the 2016-2017 Student Awards held on April 9, 2017 at UMD:

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor:

Erin Sheets, Society of Chemists and Biochemists

Outstanding Faculty Advisor:

Romesh Lakhan

Outstanding Faculty Nominees:

Ahmed Heikal, Kate Kallevig, Katie Schreiner, and Jake Wainman

Outstanding Staff Nominee:

Dawna Carlberg


The Running Life of a Student Researcher

Sheila Paintsil contributes to knowledge about cells and molecules. Read her story HERE.


Experiments in the Sky

UMD graduate student, Erica Lueth experiments in the sky with Cirrus Aircraft. Click here to watch the video. Thank you Erica!!


Major Gift Launches Advanced Materials Center

UMD and its Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE) announced the creation of the UMD Advanced Materials Center (AMC). The new Advanced Materials Center will catalyze innovative research, student learning, and stakeholder partnerships in an interdisciplinary, cross­departmental initiative in the emerging field of materials science, in which UMD has already established itself as a regional leader. See full story at


2016 Transitions Newsletter


Additional News