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Reports from the field: Updates on ChE Alumni
  • Check in on the latest news from our alumni and friends!
  • Congratulations to all our alumni and thank you for keeping us up-to-date on your whereabouts!
  • Write back to us often and keep us current on all your latest moves, promotions, family additions, how to contact you, etc!
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Class of 2010

Scott Beard (Spring 2010)
Emily Bell (Spring 2010)
Jay Brenny (Summer 2010)
Anthony Brunstad (Spring 2010)
Adam Campbell (Spring 2010)
Ryan Den Herder (Spring 2010)
Joseph Falknor (Spring 2010)
Elizabeth Franzwa (Spring 2010), Optimized Operations Engineer, 3M, St. Paul MN
Brent Haekenkamp (Spring 2010)
Jacob Hemberger (Spring 2010)
Nathaniel Kranz (Summer 2010)
Joshua Lauer (Spring 2010)
Justin McGurty (Spring 2010)
Carla Petrich (Spring 2010)
Zachary Richards (Spring 2010)
Adam Sersha (Spring 2010)
Keito Shimoyama (Spring 2010)
Beau Thurman (Spring 2010)
Seth Urtel (Spring 2010)
Andrew Vasilakes (Spring 2010)

Class of 2009

Nathan Bosquez (Spring 2009), Graduate Student, University of North Dakota
Adam Bye (Spring 2009)
Adam Clark (Spring 2009), General Electric
Brady Clavel (Spring 2009)
Christopher Edgcumbe (Spring 2009), Sappi, Cloquet MN
Jeremy Elbers (Spring 2009), Graduate Student, University of North Dakota
Jason George (Spring 2009)
Justin Finke (Fall 2009), Air Quality Engineer, Sappi, Cloquet MN. Working, fishin', playing baseball, and tellin' jokes.
Muhammad Hamza
(Fall 2009), Graduate Student, University of Illinois-Chicago.
Jaimes Hulsebusch
(Spring 2009), Cargill
Stephanie (Jares) Brever (Spring 2009), Cargill
Jack Keeney (Fall 2009)
Andrew Klym
(Spring 2009), Cargill
Stephanie Morrisette (Fall 2009)
Andrew Onken
(Spring 2009), Graduate Student, University of North Dakota
Fernando Ramirez (Spring 2009), Cargill
Sarah Schoeller (Fall 2009), Schwan Food Company, Marshall MN
Luke Schoenecker
(Spring 2009), Charter Films, Superior WI
Zain Sutarwalla (Fall 2009), Graduate Student, University of North Dakota

Class of 2008

Michael Claussen (Spring 2008) Cargill
Brandon Ekholm (Spring 2008)
Carl Enzenauer (Spring 2008)
Rachel Gass (Spring 2008) Praxair
Anne Kalinowski (Spring 2008) GE
John Kalleneyn (Fall 2008)
Elizabeth Kokesh (Fall 2008), Production Supervisor, Ecolab, Juliet IL.
Simon Larson (Spring 2008) Siemens
Ngoc Nhuyen (Spring 2008)
Don Nyvold (Spring 2008) Hormel Foods
Shaili Sharma (Summer 2008) Graduate School Purdue University, IN
Brandon Smith (Summer 2008)
Brian St. Peter (Spring 2008) Ecolab Inc.
Laura Stranford (Spring 2008) Cargill
Marcus Thompson (Fall 2008)
Chebby Villarreal (Spring 2008) Cargill
Rebecca (Becky) Walechka (Spring 2008) Cargill Inc., Eddyville IA

Class of 2007

Muhammad Ahmed (Fall 2007)
Jeff Balts (Fall 2007)
Benjamin Breidall (Spring 2007), Advanced Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN.
Wing Chan (Spring 2007), 3M.
Emily Clark (Fall 2007)
Corie Ekholm
(Spring 2007), Process Engineer, Cleveland Cliffs.
Charles Erickson (Spring 2007), Design Teams Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN.
Lucas Froehlich (Fall 2007)
Troy Gist (Spring 2007), Consultant Engineer, FM Global, Plymouth MN.
Steven Head (Spring 2007), Process Engineer, Sebesta-Blomberg and Associates.
Hussein Idowu (Spring 2007), Materials and Process Engineer, Rockwell Collins.
Carl Larsen (Spring 2007), Region Engineer, Enbridge Energy.
Jeron Larson (Spring 2007), Project Team Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN.
Elizabeth Miller (Spring 2007), Process Engineer, SSOE, Inc., St. Paul MN.
Keith Mullen (Spring 2007), Grad School.
Daniel Musser (Spring 2007), Staff Engineer, Bay West, Inc., St. Paul MN.
Leah Niemand (Spring 2007)
Jason O'Brien (Fall 2007)
Robert Quigley (Spring 2007), Chemical Process Engineer, SarTec Corp., Anoka MN.
Kyle Raney (Fall 2007)
Ryan Siats (Spring 2007), Environmental Engineer, Pinnacle Engineering.
Mark Suchomel (Spring 2007), Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Purdue University. In the fall of 2009, I chose to leave my automation engineering job with Cargill and entered grad school at Purdue University. I am working toward my PhD in ChE, working on the "Health Monitoring of High Energy Density Battery Systems" project where I am m odeling lithium-based systems. After apartment living for nine months, my wife and I bought our third house in as many years and are excited to be homeowners once again.
Laura Wallace (Spring 2007), Operations Engineer, American Medical Systems, Minnetonka MN.

Class of 2006

Andrew Bergstrom (Spring 2006)
Allan Bush (Spring 2006)
Gary Castagneri (Spring 2006), Production Manager, Cargill Inc.
Jesse Doll (Spring 2006), 2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force
Omoyemen Esekhile (Spring 2006)
Matthew Frost (Spring 2006), Advanced Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc.
Kyle Goochey (Spring 2006), Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN. Heather and I were married two weeks after graduation. We took a honeymoon trip to Hawaii and I started work in mid June. We just finished building a new house and moved in the first week in August.
Jeff Hagen (Fall 2006), 3M, Knoxville TN.
Troy Heaton (Spring 2006), Jr. Process Engineer, Micron Technology Inc., Boise ID.
Nicholas Hurd (Spring 2006), Process Engineer, Micron Technology Inc.
Bradley Kabes (Spring 2006), Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc.
Benjamin (Dickison) Kadrlik (Spring 2006), Project Development engineer, Neuro-Ortho Div., PMT Corp., Chanhassen MN. As the project development engineer and lead R&D for the Neuro-Ortho Division, I continue to assist PMT in the development, manufacture, and marketing of medical/surgical devices. I have daily interactions with neurosurgeons from around the country regarding custom projects and have even sat in on a craniotomy.
Shawn Kallevig (Spring 2006), Fab I Wet Process Engineer, Micron Technology Inc.
Brent Kastern (Spring 2006)
Jeffrey Lind (Spring 2006), Production Management Engineer, Cargill Inc.
Nathan McAlpine (Spring 2006
Mindy Ooi (Spring 2006)
Anupreet Parmar (Fall 2006)
Justin Pettinelli
(Spring 2006)
Joseph Richards (Spring 2006), Production Management Assistant, Cargill Inc.
Erica Rosha (Spring 2006), Process Engineer, Cargill Inc.
Bartholomew Sakry (Spring 2006)
Jeff Schultz (Fall 2006), Sr. Process Engineer, Sappi, Cloquet MN. Worked for 3M for two years, then took a job with Sappi in 2008.
Scott Stewart (Spring 2006), Engineering Production Assistant, ADM Inc.
Matthew Wivinus (Spring 2006), Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc.

Class of 2005

Michael Dickenson (Spring 2005), Nuclear Power Instructor, U.S. Navy
Maggie Fasteland (Spring 2005), Chemical Engineer, Minnesota Power, Duluth MN.
Eric Finstrom (Fall 2005), Technical Sales Rep, Eka Chemicals, division of Akzo Nobel. Been back in Duluth serving Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin pulp and paper industry for almost 3 years after a short stint with 3M. Having a blast working, growing our family, and getting involved in church and community.
Gregory Fix (Spring 2005), MS CHE Grad Student, University of North Dakota
Nathan Grussing (Spring 2005), Manufacturing Engineer Drug Eluting Stents, Boston Scientific, Maple Grove MN.
Kiel Hagberg (Fall 2005)
Nicholas Hirsch (Spring 2005), Manufacturing Engineer, Minntech Corp., Plymouth MN.
Jason Howland (Spring 2005)
Mason Hughes (Spring 2005), Production Assistant, ADM
Jill Jensen (Spring 2005), Igert Trainee, Michigan Technological University, Houghton MI.
Kelsey Kapsner (Spring 2005), Production Manager, Cargill Inc.
Christopher Knapp (Spring 2005), Project Engineer, Franklin International, Columbus, Ohio
Gregory Kramer (Spring 2005)
Senja Lopac (Spring 2005), Assay Development, Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Mark Machacek (Spring 2005)
Brandon McCabe (Fall 2005)
Tracy (Plombon) Muck (Spring 2005)
Thomas O'Leary (Fall 2005)
Lyndsey (Anderson) Olson (Spring 2005), Product Engineer, Celadon Systems, Inc., Apple Valley MN.
Marsha Pernat (Spring 2005), William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul MN.
Matthew Potter (Spring 2005), Boiler Supervisor, Cargill Salt, Watkins Glen NY.
Matthew Rowe (Fall 2005)
Aaron Schifsky (Spring 2005)
Anthony Shoberg (Fall 2005), Air Quality Engineer, Barr Engineering, Duluth MN
Brian Stensgard (Fall 2005)
Jonathan Tait (Spring 2005), Resin Process Engineer, 3M, Decatur AL.
Tyler Winsky (Summer 2005), Manufacturing Engineer, Coloplast, Minneapolis MN.
Isabel Zeman (Fall 2005)

Class of 2004

Danielle Barrett (Spring 2004), Product Engineer, 3M, Maplewood MN.
Elizabeth Bol (Spring 2004)
Nicole (Raitz) Buss (Spring 2004), Crush Production Supervisor, Cargill Inc., Cedar Rapids IA. We moved to Cedar Rapids with Cargill right after the flood. There have been many learning opportunities while rebuilding a flooded bean plant over the last two years.
Landon Carlberg (Spring 2004), Environmental Manager, J.R. Simplot Company, Grand Forks ND.
Kodi Church (Summer 2004), Environmental Compliance Coordinator, Great River Energy, Ramsey MN.
Daniel De La Forest (Spring 2004)
Christopher Haley (Spring 2004), Environmental Engineer, PPCS Limited, Balclutha NEW ZEALAND.
Erik Ingelin (Spring 2004), Production Engineer, Cargill Inc., Memphis TN.
Maryann Johnson (Spring 2004)
Travis Knisley (Spring 2004)
Anthony Kramer (Spring 2004), Program Development Leader, Ecolab, Eagan MN. Managing product development for Institutional, specifically in Hand Care Research & Development.
Stephen Larsen (Spring 2004)
Kevin McGuire (Fall 2004), Manufacturing Engineer, St. Jude Medical Atrial Fibrillation Division, Minnetonka MN.
Coley Nicholls (Summer 2004)
Aaron Oberg (Spring 2004), Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland WA.
Hassan Pardawalla (Summer 2004), Field Engineer, Schlumberger, PAKISTAN.
Lisa Peterson (Spring 2004)
Kevin Podominick (Fall 2004)
David Roland (Fall 2004), 2009 M.B.A. Candidate, U of M - Carlson School of Management. I just started the MBA program at Carlson, which I hope will complement my ChE degree. Gotta love the student life.
Phillip Sayles (Spring 2004)
Jennifer Scanlan (Spring 2004), Processing Supervisor, Cargill Inc., Watkins Glen NY.
Garrick Shurts (Spring 2004), Sr. Process Development Engineer, Seagate Technology, Bloomington MN. In the Spring of ‘06, I took the job with Seagate, working in the photolithography group on the next generation hard disk drives. We moved for the job and bought our 1st home. In December (06) we had Elizabeth. Between the baby and the home we’ve been keeping busy, but loving it.
Christopher Stone (Spring 2004), Graduate School, MS in Petroleum Engineering, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.
Kristopher Weatherby (Fall 2004), Associate Scientist, Schering-Plough Research Institute, Kenilworth NJ.

Class of 2003

Linda Agola (Spring 2003)
Clinton Boylan (Fall 2003)
Peter Carlsen (Spring 2003), Brewing Group Manager, Anheuser Busch Inc., St. Louis MO.
Brian Daniels (Fall 2003), Process Engineer, Commercial Graphics Division, 3M, Nevada MO.
Nicole (Van Handel) Durch (Spring 2003), Research Engineer, Cargill Inc., Newark CA.
Dzung (Truong) Farell (Spring 2003), Air Quality Engineer, Natural Resource Group Inc., Minneapolis MN.
Dustin Hamari (Spring 2003), Air Quality Engineer, Environmental Resource Group ERG, Minneapolis MN.
Eric Heizman (Fall 2003), Safety Engineer, 3M, Aberdeen SD
Thomas Hobday (Spring 2003), Junior Engineer, Conestoga Rovers and Associates, New Brighton MN.
Jason Mitchell (Spring 2003)
Robin Omberg (Fall 2003), Product Specialist, Product & Process Development, Blandin Paper Company, Grand Rapids MN
Daniel Schierschmidt (Summer 2003), Technical Sales Representative, Hercules Inc., International Falls MN
Scott Sedey (Spring 2003)
Michael Svensk (Spring 2003), Chemical Engineer, Sebesta Blomberg & Associates, Roseville MN.
Fong Vang (Spring 2003)
Ray Wickham (Spring 2003), Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN.

Class of 2002

Daniel Aagenes (Spring 2002), Engineer in the Research Pilot Brewery and New Products, Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc., St. Louis MO.
Anduna Adada (Fall 2002)
Trent Ball
(Spring 2002)
Timothy Bauer (Spring 2002), Hydrogentation Supervisor/Process Development, Cargill Inc., Blair NE.
Hollie Becker (Fall 2002)
Damian Bjerketvedt (Spring 2002), Technical Sales Rep, Kemira Chemicals, Superior WI.
Tara (Jernell) Carter(Fall 2002), Senior Associate Scientist, Pfizer, Chesterfield, MO. Welcomed Logan in April 2009. Recently accepted a new position with Pfizer in their Technical Transfer group in their St. Louis pilot plant for the scale up from laboratory to pilot plant scale for the manufacture of Phase I/II clinical trials of biologics.
Jaclyn Corradi
(Fall 2002)
Matthew Doran (Spring 2002), Manufacturing Process Engineer, 3M OH&ES - Insulation Products, St. Paul MN.
Jamie (Dunphy) Brodd (Spring 2002), Rosemount Inc., Chanhassen MN.
Michael Evenson (Spring 2002), Process Engineer, General Mills, Minneapolis MN.
Anita (Gustafson) Heineman (Fall 2002)
Justin Hipple (Spring 2002)
Roxanne (Floding) Kilpatrick (Spring 2002), Acidulants Project Engineer, Cargill Inc., Dayton OH.
Charles Lippert (Summer 2002)
Reynard Moore
(Fall 2002)
Tanya Mosher (Fall 2002)
Jeremy Nihart
(Fall 2002)
Christopher Patullo
(Spring 2002), Production Superintendent - Crookston Factory, American Crystal Sugar, Crookston MN.
Derek Prebeck (Fall 2002), Chemical Engineer, North Shore Mining, Silver Bay MN.
Corissa (Fisher) Raatsi (Fall 2002), Research Associate, Tiro Industries, LLC, Fridley MN.
Daniel Rothstein (Fall 2002)
Guy Sander II (Fall 2002), Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota Duluth.
Yuliastuti Wulandari (Summer 2002)
Thomas Zak (Spring 2002), Research/Product Engineer, Cima NanoTech Inc., St. Paul MN.

Class of 2001

Jennifer (Kelzer) Anderson (Spring 2001), Innovex Inc., Maple Plain MN.
Michael Ausmus (Spring 2001), Tate & Lyle Citric Acid Inc., Duluth MN.
Nicholas Axtel (Fall 2001)
Adam Brodd
(Spring 2001), Manufacturing Engineer Specialist, 3M, St. Paul MN. Working at 3M St. Paul in Office Supplies Division. Recently moved to Woodbury. Jamie continues to work in Projects Group at Rosemount, Inc.
Anna Chan (Spring 2001)
Jason Freeman (Spring 2001), Production Assistant - Cogeneration Department, ADM, Mankato MN.
Rachel Gorham (Spring 2001)
Michael Haynes (Spring 2001), Pillsbury, Minneapolis MN.
Jeffrey Johnson (Spring 2001), Shift Supeintendent, Mosaic, Riverview FL.
Kari Johnson (Spring 2001), Lead Engineer, Micron Technology , Manassas VA.
Lynn (Albrecht) Johnson (Spring 2001)
Scott Johnson (Fall 2001), Production Supervisor, Cargill Inc., Sioux City IA.
Eric Karis (Fall 2001), Field Project Engineer, Crown Iron Works, Minneapolis MN.
Nathan Kowalsky
(Spring 2001), Air Compliance Engineer, Flint Hills Resources LP, Inver Grove Heights MN.
Stephanie (DeZeler) Nelson(Fall 2001), Cargill Inc., Cedar Rapids IA.
Matthew Olson
(Spring 2001), Shift Supervisor, Cargill Inc., Riverview FL.
Kathryn (Claussen) Shuler (Spring 2001), Energy Manager, Air Liquide America, Houston TX.
Xiao Situ
(Fall 2001)
Jared Von Bank (Spring 2001), Cargill Inc, Sioux City IA.
Joel Weitgenant (Spring 2001), Maintenance Manager, CHS Inc., Mankato MN.
Anders Willberg (Spring 2001), Rosemount Inc., Chanhassen MN.
Geoffrey Wilson (Spring 2001), Spetrolab/Boeing L.A.

Class of 2000

Shawn Bubany (Spring 2000)
Erik Carlson (Spring 2000), Process Development/Process Engineer, ADM, Decatur IL.
Brandon Erickson (Spring 2000), Process Engineer, International Multifoods, Minnetonka MN.
Kathryn (Krawczewski) Everson (Fall 2000), Environmental Engineer/Consultant, Environmental Strategies Coprporation, Minneapolis MN.
Eric Farnum (Fall 2000)
Andrea (Austad) Goering (Spring 2000), Wafer Shift Process Engineer, Seagate Technology, Bloomington MN.
Lindsey (Mohr) Gordon (Spring 2000), Plant Engineer, Iowa State University Power Plant, Ames IA.
Chris Hanson (Spring 2000), Plant Manager, Poet Biorefining-Preston, Preston MN.
Drew Heise (Spring 2000), Refinery Superintendent, Cargill Inc., Newark CA.
Lance Johnson (Fall 2000), Chemical Engineer, Koch Materials Company, St. Paul MN.
Zachary Knase (Spring 2000), Quality Coordinator, StoraEnso, Niagara WI.
Daniel Lahr (Spring 2000), Grad Student, Iowa State, Ames IA.
Sarrah Mattila (Spring 2000), Environmental Engineer, National Steel Pellet Co., Keewatin MN.
Joshua Melby (Fall 2000),Production Assistant, ADM, Galesburg IL.
Michael Mikulich
(Fall 2000), Refinery Superintendent, ADM, Lincoln NE.
Galen Murray
(Spring 2000)
Denise Narveson (Fall 2000), Manufacturing Engineer, 3M, St. Paul MN.
Melissa (Hart) Ross (Fall 2000)
Rocky Rybolt (Spring 2000), Plant Engineer, ADM Corn Processing, Walhalla ND.
Shayne Santi (Spring 2000), Assistant Engineer, City of Madison - Water Utility, Madison WI.

Class of 1999

July Aldrich (Spring 1999), Process Engineer, International Paper, Bucksport ME
Timothy Bailey (Spring 1999), Cargill Inc., Wahpeton ND.
Amy Bjork (Spring 1999), Regulatory Affairs & Quality Specialist, H.B. Fuller, St. Paul MN.
Jason Bjork (Summer 1999), Product Development Engineer, Medical Division, 3M, St. Paul MN.
Chad Byersdorfer (Spring 1999), Cargill Inc., Jefferson WI.
James Conway (Spring 1999), Project Engineer, ADM, Cedar Rapids IA. Got married and passed the P.E. exam in 2007.
Aaron Coppernoll (Winter 1999) Senior Chemical Engineer, Dow Corning Corporation, Crestwood, KY. Development for Silicon technologies and processes.
Londa (LeSage) D'Aloia (Spring 1999), Corporate Process Engineer, Consolidated Papers Inc., Wisconsin Rapids WI.
Jason Hancock (Spring 1999), Chemical Engineer, Superintendent of Oil Refinery, Cargill Inc., Fayettville NC.
Scott Hudson (Spring 1999)
Steven Leske (Spring 1999), Senior Research Technician, Sappi Ltd., Cloquet MN.
Chad Merrifield (Spring 1999), Technical Support (Portland, Oregon/Seattle, Washington/Alaska), Rosemount Inc., Chanhassen MN.
Paul Mordorski (Spring 1999), Environmental Resource Group, Minneapolis MN.
Mitchell Olson (Fall 1999)
Brian Ott (Spring 1999), Ph.D Program, Michigan Tech.
Eric Paulson (Spring 1999), Research Engineer, Peat Technologies Inc., Siren WI.
Thao Pham (Spring 1999)
Kraig Raiber (Spring 1999), Process Engineer, Keewatin Taconite (U.S. Steel), Keewatin MN. Still on the Iron Range.
Jason Seifert (Summer 1999), Applications Engineer, US Filter, Ames IA.
Craig Sundberg (Spring 1999), Process Engineer, Sappi Ltd., Cloquet MN.
Jeremy Swanson (Spring 1999), Anderson Consulting, Minneapolis MN.
William VonSee (Spring 1999), Air Quality Engineer, Natural Resource Group Inc., Minneapolis MN.

Class of 1998

Kevin Ace (Spring 1998)
Kyle Adkins (Spring 1998), Technical Sales Representative, Hercules Inc., International Falls MN.
Timothy Badger (Spring 1998), Ciba Specialty Chemicals, International Falls MN.
Kyle Bahls (Spring 1998), Plant Manager, Archer Daniels Midland East Plant Isolates & FC,Granite City,IL.
Brian Ball (Spring 1998)
Karl Boyum (Spring 1998)
Brian Chellgren (Spring 1998), Commander, AFTAC Det 45 , USAF-ACTIVE, Buckley AFB CO. I was recently promoted to Major and took command of AFTAC Detachment 45 in July 2007. We will be stationed here at Buckley AFB for the next 2 years.
Jason Dietsch (Spring 1998), Associate Systems Design Engineer, Osmonics, Minnetonka MN.
John Engesser (Spring 1998), Lieutenant, United States Air Force.
Shane Hoff (Fall 1998), Process Engineer, North Shore Mining Company, Silver Bay MN.
Jason Ittel (Spring 1998), Nuclear Engineer Instructor/Reactor Design, Bechtel-Bettis Inc., Goose Creek SC.
Amy Jesperson (Spring 1998), Product Performance & SC Product Manager, Verso Paper, Sartell MN. Recently, I assumed the corporate SC product manager responsibilities to my current quality role. I’m enjoying the exposure to the “business side” of the product. Logan has grown quickly. He’s now in 1st grade.
Brandon Juran (Spring 1998), U.S. West
Kory Kaplan (Spring 1998),Osmonics, Minnetonka MN.
Kristina (Bjorklund) Lilly (Spring 1998), Manufacturing Engineer, Boston Scientific, Maple Grove MN.
Benjamin Lynch (Spring 1998), Graduate School, UMN-TC.
James Meece, Jr. (Spring 1998), Process Engineer, 3M, Hutchinson MN.
Matt Onnen (Spring 1998), Engineer with Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN.
Andrea Opatz (Fall 1998)
Trent Pemble (Spring 1998), Principle Chemical Engineer, Cargill Inc., MN. Have transferred back to Minnesota to do research of all things! Family is doing great and we are happy to be paying taxes in the land of 10,000 lakes again.
Brock Peters (Fall 1998), Technical Sales Specialist for IBM, NY.
Jeff Rust (Spring 1998), Run Plant Engineer, Cargill Inc./Nature Works, Blair NE. Changed jobs within Cargill in April '07. Production engineer for the fermentation area of the lactic acid plant. Approximately 400 tons of lactic acid are made into biodegradable poly-lactic acid each day. Raw material is dextrose from corn.
Jerald Sauber (Fall 1998), Hutchinson Technologies Inc., Hutchinson MN.
Joel Schumacher (Spring 1998), Process Engineer, AEC Engineering, Minneapolis MN.
Scott Solberg (Spring 1998), Process Engineer, PUR/Procter and Gamble, Brooklyn Park MN.
Danielle (Mason) Stenvers (Spring 1998), Project Manager, Samson Rope Technologies, Ferndale WA.
James Streier (Spring 1998), Engineering Technician, Braun Intertech, Minneapolis MN.
Marcia Swonger (Spring 1998)
Jeremy Tombisammy (Fall 1998), Sales Engineer, JohnsonDiversey Inc., Cincinnati OH.
Jason Trask (Spring 1998), EHS Manager, CHS Inc, Mankato MN.
Susalyne (Sowada) Truckenbrod (Spring 1998), Senior Product Engineer, Medtronic, Brooklyn Park MN.
Mark Wendler (Spring 1998), Chemical Engr Supplies Quality Assurance Team, Data Card, Minneapolis MN.

Class of 1997

Charles Anderson (Fall 1997), Shiftleader, Cargill Inc.-NACM, Blair NE.
Roger Boettcher
(Fall 1997)
Paul Briest
(Spring 1997), Engineer, Honeywell, Minneapolis MN.
Andy Campbell (Spring 1997), Process Engineer, Truth Hardware, Owatonna MN.
Chad Conely (Spring 1997), Seagate Technology, Bloomington MN.
William Flynn, Jr. (Winter 1997), E.I.T., SERVICE Engineering Group, Duluth MN.
Cory Gross (Spring 1997), Rosemount, Chanhassen MN.
Matt Hartmann (Spring 1997), Process Engineer-Solid State Center, Fisher-Rosemount, Eden Prairie MN.
Syed Iqtidar (Summer 1997), Associate Energy Programs, Hagler Bailly Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Kari Jaeger (Spring 1997), Engineer, Sappi Limited, Cloquet MN.
Kari (Osowski) Jansen (Spring 1997), Currently staying home with my 2 children Lexi (2) and Nathan (1). I was a pilot for Connair for 6 years and am now looking for something local (NWA or Sun Country).
James Jarvi (Spring 1997), Process Engineer, VTC Inc., Bloomington MN.
Alan Johnson (Spring 1997), Quality Engineer, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company, Graham KY.
Nicole (Nichols) Johnson (Spring 1997), Program Manager, Agere Systems, Mendota Heights MN.
Mark Kovacich (Fall 1997), Application Engineer, Osmonics, Inc., Minnetonka MN.
Mark Lorenz (Spring 1997), Process Engineer, Hibbing Electronics, Hibbing MN.
Alan Nelson (Spring 1997), Associate Professor and Associate Chair - Graduate, University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada.
Peter Nordling (Spring 1997), Production Manager, Multifeeder Technologys, White Bear Lake MN.
Srikanto Paul (Fall 1997), Senior Quality Engineer, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Deerfield IL.
Eugene Persons (Spring 1997), Process/Project Engineer, ADM, Marshall MN.
Paul Peterson (Spring 1997), Safety Engineer, 3M, St. Paul MN.
Cindy (Clyde) Roushar (Spring 1997), Process Engineer, Emerald Consulting Group Inc., Anchorage AK.
Matthew Sanders (Spring 1997), Rosemount Inc., Chanhassen MN.
Bryan Schuler (Winter 1997), Corporate Process Engineer, Consolidated Papers Inc., Wisconsin Rapids WI.
Jill Southerton (Spring 1997), HGA Process Engineer, Seagate Technology Inc., Bloomington MN.
Jonathan Swanson (Spring 1997), Senior Mineral Processing Engineer , Cleveland-Cliffs International Mineracao, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.
Jeffrey Udd (Spring 1997), MN Pollution Control Agency, Duluth MN.
Kristie (Aszmann) Williams (Spring 1997), Project Engineer, Anderson Windows, Bayport MN.
Barton Wold (Spring 1997)
Lea Zak (Spring 1997), Rosemount Inc., Chanhassen MN.

Class of 1996

Gary Anderson (Fall 1996), U.S. Filter, Roseville MN.
Whitney (Berry) Berg
(Spring 1996), Solutions Consultant, Oracle, Eden Prairie MN. The company I worked at for 7 years was acquired by Oracle in March '07. It has been a good transition and interesting going from 500 employees to 50,000. I am still a systems engineer/solutions consultant, which means I am involved in the technical side of the sale. I demo and help customers visualize the value of our software. We expect baby #2 in a couple weeks (Sept '07). Our 4 yr old boy, Gavin, anxiously awaits his baby brother.
Mark Carlstrom (Spring 1996), Process Engineer-Corporate Engineering Division, Hormel Foods Inc., Austin MN.
Rebecca (Rishavy) Cater (Fall 1996), Product Manager, The Bergquist Company, Chanhassen MN.
Connie DeSautelle (Spring 1996)
Greg Elton (Spring 1996), Technical Supervisor of the Power & Recovery Department Sappi Ltd., Cloquet MN.
Eric Engel (Spring 1996), Equipment Design Engineer, Bepex International, Minneapolis MN.
Charles Hawkinson (Spring 1996)
Duane Hentges (Spring 1996), Industrial Hygiene Engineer, State of MN, Dept of Labor and Industry OSHA, St. Paul MN.
Greg Herold (Spring 1996), Senior Engineer, Larex Inc., St. Paul MN.
Chris Jansen (Spring 1996), Engineering Manager, GE Water, Mpls MN.
Paul Johnson (Spring 1996), Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN.
Steve Jordan (Spring 1996), Process Validation Specialist, Paddock Laboratories, Minneapolis MN.
Benjamin Kielb (Spring 1996), Asst. Wet Process Manager, Holiday Circuits, Minnetonka MN.
James Kotsmith (Spring 1996), Advanced Environmental Engineer, 3M, St. Paul MN.
Michael Lehtola (Spring 1996), Sales Engineer, Pacific Rubber & Packing Inc., Hillsboro OR.
Keith Matzdorf (Spring 1996), Recovery Production Engineer, Sappi Ltd., Cloquet MN.
Bradley Muetzel (Spring 1996)
Cory Nelson (Spring 1996), QA/RE Engineering Manager, Medtronic, Minneapolis MN. "Go Agitated Vessels!!"
Myron Pauna (Spring 1996)
Brian Pogainis (Spring 1996), QC Analyst, Cima Labs, Eden Prairie MN.
Michael Roberts (Summer 1996), Process Engineer-GEA Filtration, Niro Inc., Hudson WI.
Chad Rieschl (Spring 1996), Research Food Technologist, Cargill, Plymouth MN. After nearly 12 years with General Mills, I made the switch to Cargill in December 2008. I am part of Cargill's Snack & Cereal Category working on/with Cargill customers to develop solutions and helping to create the next "new thing".
Jon Shamla (Spring 1996), System Engineer, Northern States Power, Welch MN.
Eric Svee (Spring 1996), Captain, Acquisition Manager, U.S. Air Force, Albuquerque NM.
Steven Tarnowski (Spring 1996), Technical Service Engineer, 3M, St. Paul MN.
Jennifer (Marinoff) Wilson (Spring 1996), I am busy being a mom and nursing student. I graduate in May '08 with my RN (after the state boards). I hope to work in a hospital and possibly combine nursing and engineering someday. I want to further my education down the road. My kids are 7 and 5 and keep me very busy with all their sports and activities. We live in Rogers, MN and love it.

Class of 1995

Errin (Hintsala) Brungardt (Spring 1995), PGW Area Manager, Engineer, New Page, Duluth MN.
Stephani (Austin) Campbell (Spring 1995), Environmental Control Engineer, U.S. Steel-Minntac, Mt. Iron MN.
Joe Chavis (Fall 1995), Product & Process Development Engineer, Viratec Thin Films Inc., Faribault MN.
Steven Ellis (Spring 1995), Associate Systems Design Engineer, Osmonics, Minnetonka MN.
Karen Geronime (Spring 1995), Application Engineer, Donaldson Company, Bloomington MN.
Chad Haglin (Spring 1995), Project Engineer II, Marathon Oil Co., Houston TX.
Jamie Hestekin (Spring 1995), Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Ralph E. Martin Department of Chemical Engineering, Fayetteville AR.
Benjamin Hoffman (SSII 1995), Account Manager, Nalco Chemical Company, Duluth MN.
Mark Holmbeck (Winter 1995), Project Engineer, Dakota Growers Pasta Co., Carrington, ND.
Greg Howe (SSII 1995), Process Engineer, Organon Inc., West Orange NJ.
Joel Ingvalson (Spring 1995), Process Development Engineer, Cargill Inc., Sidney OH.
Anagba Jibunor (Spring 1995), SciMED Life Systems Inc. Maple Grove, MN.
Larry LaLonde (Fall 1995), Process Engineer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson MN.
Steve LaMere (Spring 1995), Director of Sales & Marketing, Marlo Inc., Racine WI.
Cory Medalen (Spring 1995), Engineering Manager, Coloplast (Skin Health Division), North Mankato MN.
Kelly Mularie (SSII 1995), Software QA Engineer, AOL Time Warner, Dulles, VA.
Jacqueline (Sowada) Mulder (Spring 1995)
Doug Nixon (Spring 1995), System Design Engineer, Osmonics Inc., Minnetonka MN.
Katherine (Nelson) (Jolly) Olig (Fall 1995), Product Development Manager, Medtronic, Brooklyn Park MN. Was assigned to manage our pediatric perfusion project in Jan 07. Perfusion is a new technology for me, but it goes back to my roots of chemical engineering. It is hard core heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics. I am sure there could be some great senior design projects in this area. I sold my house in Shoreview and moved to Eden Prairie. I will be getting married (2nd go-around) in Aug 2007 to Chris Olig and will also become a stepmother to Meredith (7) and Lauren (6). For fun, I compete in triathlon. It’s a blast.
Jim Pasek (Spring 1995), Rotary Kiln Specialist, Phillips Kiln Services LTD, South Sioux City ND.
Spas Petkov (Spring 1995)
Chad Redlin (Winter 1995), Project Manager, August Technology, Bloomington MN.
Jason Venne (Spring 1995), Production Supervisor, Cargill Inc., Eddyville IA.
Karen (Marquart) White (Spring 1995), Dir. of Cnt. for Manufacturing & Applied Engineering, Bemidji State University, Bemidji MN.
Eric Wickberg (Spring 1995), Marketing Manager, Graco Inc., Minneapolis MN.

Class of 1994

John Andres (Spring 1994), Plant Chemist, Sherwin-Williams, Ontario CA.
Matt Archambeau (Spring 1994), #4 Line Superintendent, International Paper, Bucksport ME.
Peter Argument (Spring 1994), HSE Systems Coordinator Canada, Shell Canada, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.
Jerome Bergeron (Fall 1994), Cargill, Dayton OH.
Christopher Blomberg (Spring 1994), Vision-East Lens, Ramsey MN.
David Erhart (Fall 1994), Validation Specialist, Cardinal Health, St. Petersburg FL.
Jon Forbort
(Spring 1994), Project Engineer for Envirogen, Inc., Pewaukee WI.
Neil Johnson (Spring 1994), Sappi Ltd., Cloquet MN.
James Kastner (Spring 1994), Working for PCI Membrane Systems Inc., Milford OH.
Lorilee Leland (Spring 1994)
Craig (Jerome) Madison (Spring 1994), Process Engineer, Intel Corp., Chandler AZ.
Keith Miller (Spring 1994), Environmental Engineer, Sappi Limited, Cloquet MN.
Jeff Mortensen (Fall 1994), Project Engineer, Cargill Inc., St. Clair, MI.
Sean O'Brien (Fall 1993)
Daniel Palo (Spring 1994), Sr. Process Engineer, Barr Engineering, Hibbing, MN

Steven Preda (Spring 1994), Rutgers Organics Corp., Harrison OH.
Allan Rudeck Jr. (Spring 1994), Vice President - Generation, MN Power, Grand Rapids MN. Roxanne and I recently moved to Grand Rapids, Minnesota. We welcomed our third daughter on March 7, 2007. I am now serving as Vice President - Generation for Minnesota Power, with responsibilities for all thermal and renewable energy generation facilities and staff.
Gary Schoeller (Fall 1994), Real Estate Agent with Caldwell Banker Burnet in Plymouth MN.
Dena VanDeVoort (Spring 1994), Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly, Minneapolis MN.
Lisa Welsh (Spring 1994), Application Engineer, Hosokawa Bepex Corp., Minneapolis MN.

Class of 1993

Jeffrey Anderson (SSII 1993)
Andrew Bauer
(Spring 1993)
Rachel Brolin (Spring 1993), Stay-at-home Mom, Corcoran MN.
Kirby Dahlquist (Spring 1993), Project Manager/Project Engineer, Central Soya Company Inc., Gibson City IL.
Scott Eliason (Spring 1993), Product Marketing Manager, Fisher-Rosemount Inc., Chanhassen MN.
Donald Hess (Spring 1993), EHS Manager, 3M, Shanghai CHINA. Currently working in Shanghai, China managing EHS for 3M China manufacturing operations. My family and I moved here September, 2006. Should be here for 2-3 years. It has been a wonderful experience so far...
Kevin Hurd (Spring 1993), Sales Engineer, RTP company, Winona MN.
Joel Jasmer (Winter 1993), Public Work Supervisor, City of Nisswa MN.
Pat (Machnik) Jones (Spring 1993), Technical Specialist, Huntsman Polyurethanes, West Deptford NJ.
Dionne (Nelson) Meisterling (Spring 1993)
Brad Nelson (Spring 1993), Sr. New Product Development Engineer, Medtronic, Minneapolis MN. Life is good!!! Living in Coon Rapids MN with “my three sons” (just like the 1960’s sitcom) and my wonderful wife Lisa. Working at Medtronic in the Therapy Delivery Systems Division.
Robert Schilling (Spring 1993), Process Engineer, Packaging Corporation of America, Tomahawk WI.
Charles Sirvio (Spring 1993), Inside Sales Representative, Central Region, Rosemount Inc., Emerson Process Management, Chanhassen MN.
Andrew Taylor (Spring 1993), Research Engineer, Exxon Production Research Co., Houston TX.
Brian Whipps (Spring 1993), Attorney, Crompton, Seager, Tufte LLC.
Sheryl (Bergeron) Zellmer (Spring 1993), Software Verification Engineer, Medtronic--Patient Management, Minneapolis MN.

Class of 1992

Peter Elliott (Spring 1992), Product Engineering Specialist, 3M, Maplewood MN. I work in a tape and adhesives laboratory developing and maintaining a variety of laminating adhesives used for electronics, automotive, construction & industrial applications. Currently I am working on a special project ramping up products on a newly installed process in South Korea, requiring extended trips to the Korea plant site.
Michelle (Deitering) Grzybowski (Spring 1992), Unocal, Kenai AK
Kevin Holm (Spring 1992), Lead Automation Engineer, Jacobs Engineering, Reading, UK.
Phyllis Holmbeck (Spring 1992), Air management engineer, Wisconsin DNR, Superior WI.
Amy (Freeman) Krohn (Spring 1992), Product Engineering Specialist, 3M, Maplewood MN. It’s been 15 years at 3M! I’m still working with Nexcare bandages. It’s been interesting working closely with our plants to resolve multiple production issues. Jim continues to enjoy Ecolab and Alissa is 7 years old and enjoying second grade.
Nick Ladin (Spring 1992), Operations Manager-DSONA, Cargill Inc., Fullerton CA.
Brent O'Hern (Spring 1992), IP Attorney, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C.
Kersten (Erickson) Terry (Spring 1992), Process Engineer, Union Carbide, S. Charleston WV.
John Waterman (Spring 1992), Project Manager, Dow Corning, Midland MI.
John Watson (Spring 1992), 3PM Superintendent, Koch Cellulose, Brunswick GA.

Class of 1991

Brett Ballavance
(Spring 1991), Air Quality Engineer, MN Pollution Control Agency, Duluth MN.
Jonathan Beal (Spring 1991), Recycle Fiber Superintendent, Georgia-Pacific, Halsey OR.
Joseph Gillman (Spring 1991)
Kevin Kangas (Fall 1991), Manager of Environmental Health and Safety, Sappi Limited, Cloquet MN.
William Kaptonak (Spring 1991), International Paper Inc., Sartell MN.
Kraig Melin (Spring 1991), Paper Production Manager, Sappi Fine Paper, NA, Cloquet MN. Busy year. Accepted a position of Paper Production Manager with Sappi this year. Busy summer with transition to Cloquet and move north. Jessica starts at UMD this fall and Blake will finish his senior year at Hermantown H.S.
Kevin Pylka (Spring 1991), Project Engineer, Resinall Corporation, Hattiesburg MS.
Amy (Hanskala) Schwarzbach (Spring 1991), Regional Manager, Abitibi Consolidated, Houston TX.
Kelly Tinsley (Spring 1991), Senior Process Engineer, Huntsman, Port Neches TX.

Class of 1990

John Cox (Spring 1990), Senior Process Engineer, StoraEnso, Duluth MN.
Timothy Fritze (Spring 1990)
Brian Johnston (Spring 1990), Process Engineering Group Leader, Vulcan Chemicals, Wichita KS.
Bruce Olson (Spring 1990), Project Manager, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc., Chippewa Falls WI.
Dan Rosenthal (Spring 1990), Passed away in October 2008. He worked for the Wisconsin DNR in Superior for many years, most recently in Madison. He was a vigorous enforcer of clean air standards. Dan was devoted to his sons, and to the cause of worker justice. He enjoyed camping, the outdoors, biking, and traveling.
Jennifer (Fischer) Tinsley (Spring 1990), Project Engineer, Huntsman Corp., Port Neches TX.

Class of 1989

Paul Anderson
(Spring 1989), Business Planner, Flint Hills Resources LP, Rosemount MN.
Lawrence Byers (Winter 1989), Technical Specialist/Assistant Profit Center Leader, Koch Refining Company, St. Paul MN.
Jeffrey Johnson
(Spring 1989), Environmental Engineer, Georgia-Pacific, Big Island VA.
Brian Laine (Spring 1989), Varco, Orange CA.
Michael McDonald (Spring 1989)
Michael O'Brien (Spring 1989), Senior Process Engineer, StoraEnso, Duluth MN.
John Simonson (Spring 1989), Chemical Engineer/Air Quality Specialist, Barr Engineering Company, Bloomington MN.

Class of 1988

Kurt Lund (Spring 1988), General Maintenance Superintendent, Pasminco, Clarksville TN.
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