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 Strategic Planning

Campus Vision

A fourth element of the UMD Strategic Planning process involved creating a Vision 2020 Statement that describes a preferred vision of the UMD campus in 2020.

Goal: A one sentence Vision 2020 Statement that captures the essence of the preferred future for the UMD campus in 2020.

Process (target completion date):

  • Eleven Vision Groups each created a preferred vision statement related to a key aspect of campus life in 2020. (2/3/11)
  • The Executive Team and Steering Committee synthesized the separate vision statements and integrated them into a single draft vision statement for the campus in 2020. (2/11/11)
  • Stakeholders were asked to review the draft vision statement and to suggest changes online and during a campus forum. (3/29/11)
  • The Steering Committee and Chancellor Black finalized a Vision 2020 statement. (4/11/11)
  • The Steering Committee recommended that the vision statement be endorsed by the Campus Assembly as part of the integrated strategic plan (4/11/11).
  • The Campus Assembly endorsed (4/12/11) and Chancellor Black approved (5/3/11) the vision statement as part of the overall strategic plan.

Approved Vision Statement:

The sentence below is the short version of the vision statement:

The University of Minnesota Duluth will build upon its unique land-grant and sea-grant traditions to become a premiere comprehensive university recognized as world-class for its learning-centered student experiences, research, creative activities, and public engagement.

An expanded version of the vision statement includes the statement above and the following elaboration:

• We will educate students to be engaged, lifelong learners through our rich learning-centered and innovative curricula and student life experiences.

• We will prepare graduates who are sought after by employers because of their cultural, global, and professional competence.

• We will address issues central to the global society’ s scientific, cultural, economic, and artistic vitality through research and creative inquiry.

• We will become a world leader in learning and research opportunities by leveraging the region’ s unique natural, human, and cultural resources.

• We will serve the educational needs of indigenous people, as well as the economic growth, cultural preservation, and sovereignty of the tribal governments of the region, the state and North America.

•We will create a campus that exemplifies resource sustainability, technology and information integration, global perspectives and connections, social justice, and collaboration.

•We will be central to the cultural, economic, and intellectual life of Duluth and surrounding communities.

How you can contribute now: Share your reaction to this vision statement for the UMD campus in 2020 at the UMD Strategic Planning blog or by sending an e-mail to


A 2010 view of the University of Minnesota Duluth campus with Lake Superior and the lift bridge in the background.

The campus vision provides a preferred image of the UMD Campus in 2020 that will chart the future direction of the campus.

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