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 Strategic Planning

Vision Group 6: Campus and community interaction


Bill Payne

Vision Group Members

Bill Payne
Lisa Pratt
Mary Cameron
Michelle Hargrave
Elaine Hansen
Mary Gallet
Jeff Gunderson
Alex Aschenbrenner
Dylan Savall
Drew Digby
Tony Cuneo
Jessica Eaton
Rebecca, Covington
Barb Bell-Gunderson
Chris Haidos
John Kratz
Patty Delano
Julie Feiring
Zack Filipovitch

Proposed Vision for UMD in 2020 Related to this Topic

UMD is united with the community in an intentional, visible, and mutually beneficial partnership.

Proposed Goals for UMD to Achieve in the Next Three-Five Years Related to this Topic

  1. Develop a more integrated Office of Civic Engagement that extends throughout the University
  2. Streamline and restructure communications on campus
  3. Demonstrate a “commitment to the physical, visible presence throughout the community”
  4. Create a centralized internship support center in Career Services

Proposed Action Steps for UMD to Achieve in the Next One-Two Years Related to this Topic

Goal #1: Develop a more integrated Office of Civic Engagement that extends throughout the University that includes:

  1. A campus-wide repository/clearing house that supports and maintains community engagement activity for students and community organizations to access.
  2. A staffing structure expansion to build capacity for an engaged campus.
  3. A campus-wide infrastructure to support faculty participation through the adoption of university policies that support colleges and departments for encouraging and supporting faculty who embed community-based learning experiences into their course curriculum (including financial support, room scheduling, community partner sustainability, etc).
  4. A revision to UMD’s faculty reward system to recognize civic engagement and community based research as legitimate scholarship activity that is included as a step towards tenure, addresses how teaching loads are assigned, and provides professional development opportunities to sustain the practice.

Goal #2: Streamline and restructure communications on campus in the following areas:

  1. Marketing (outbound communication). Create channels of communication with outside entities by which the University can more cohesively and more effectively call attention to successful and positive community interactions, public events and opportunities for partnership. Engage members of the community in the development of communication strategies, such as a contest for Duluth public schoolchildren to re-name parking lots on campus.
  2. Public relations (inbound communication). Devise a system whereby the public can access physical and intellectual resources in a simple and accessible way, following the model of a “UMD reference librarian” or a “UMD Help Line”.

Goal #3: Demonstrate a “commitment to the physical, visible presence throughout the community”:

  1. Actively participate in an open and transparent manner in the city's physical planning of the area around the existing main campus including the development of the Woodland Middle School campus, the city's Small Area Plan for the university area, and the steps required to implement the university's master plan.
  2. Develop several additional off-campus partnerships with community facilities to expand the physical presence of university programs in the communities.
  3. Explore options for encouraging the development of student-focused off-campus housing, ideally in core commercial and cultural centers of Duluth. This encouragement can range from UMD taking on a direct development role to creating limited partnerships with developers (public or private) for the purpose of enhancing student awareness of alternate housing options.

Goal #4: Create a centralized internship support center in Career Services:

  1. Establish an internship task force to develop university-wide standards for internships using documented best practices.
  2. Adopt and implement said standards in collegiate units and academic departments.
  3. Use existing GoldPASS system to support departmental internship programs.


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