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 Strategic Planning

Vision Group 5: Research and creative activity


Andrea Schokker

Vision Group Members

Praveen Aggrawal
John King
Steve Coleman
Bedessa Tadesse
Tim Holst
Don Fosnacht
Justin Rubin
Aydin Dargunoglu
Tanisha Lee
Matt Andrews
Jessalyn Toldo
Stacey Schmiesing
Richard Gran

Proposed Vision for UMD in 2020 Related to this Topic

The University of Minnesota Duluth is an intellectual community of inquiry-driven scholars that enjoys
an excellent reputation for its research enterprise. UMD faculty and staff actively engage graduate
and undergraduate students in the process of discovery that extends the frontiers of knowledge and
addresses issues of societal importance. Known for its independent research identity and stature, UMD
complements the system-wide research efforts by being one of the two major research campuses in
the state. Its various centers of excellence draw on opportunities unique to the region and its people
by contributing to their physical, psychological, social and economic well-being in keeping with the
University’s land and sea grant status. UMD also serves as a key source for knowledge, technology
services, and human resources for optimizing the environmentally sound development of Northeast
Minnesota’s vast mineral, forestry, and water resources. UMD’s faculty, professional staff, and
graduates are recognized as leaders, ready to address the highest priority civic, cultural, economic, and
scientific issues.

Proposed Goals for UMD to Achieve in the Next Three-Five Years Related to this Topic

Note: The term “ research” is used in its broadest interpretation that includes scientific exploration, creative activity, generation of intellectual property, and other scholarly pursuits as are appropriate for a given discipline.

  1. Creation of the UMD Research Office.
  2. Increase the number of endowed professorships.
  3. Increase the research productivity of faculty.
  4. Invest in and promote identified and emerging areas of preeminence.
  5. Promote the research accomplishments of our faculty, professional staff and students by hiring a public relations person.

Proposed Action Steps for UMD to Achieve in the Next One-Two Years Related to this Topic

Goal #1: Creation of the UMD Research Office to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Provide adequate resources to SPA Office for effective functioning
  2. Work closely with funding agencies and elected representatives to increase funding of sponsored research
  3. Establish clear lines of communication, reporting, and budgeting that mirror the stature and importance of research on UMD campus
  4. Facilitate translational work

Goal #2: Increase the number of endowed professorships:

  1. Have 2-3 endowed professorships with substantially reduced teaching and advising in each of the five collegiate units

Goal#3: Increase the research productivity of faculty:

  1. Develop measures of research productivity appropriate for each unit and achieve a 25% increase in research productivity
  2. Keep teaching loads at a level that provides sufficient time for research active faculty to work with undergraduate and graduate students to assure a quality research experience

Goals #4: Invest in and promote identified and emerging areas of preeminence:

  1. Increase graduate student support by establishing a competitive Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) program to complement existing Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)
  2. Maintain and expand the master’s level programs on campus
  3. Identify opportunities for focused investment leading up to the creation of select, and preferably interdisciplinary, doctoral programs (with a target of doubling the number of doctoral students)

Goal # 5. Promote the research accomplishments of our faculty, professional staff and students by hiring a public relations person that will:

  1. Organize a permanent web space for highlighting faculty and staff’s research and scholarly accomplishments
  2. Develop a high quality, widely circulated, professionally produced quarterly publication that highlights and celebrate UMD’s scholarly accomplishments
  3. Organize regular research colloquia to provide faculty, staff, and students a campus-wide platform for sharing research findings
  4. Elevate recognition of research accomplishments through multiple research and creative activity awards

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